Lucy Parsons-my favorite dicho:

Lucy Parsons-never be deceived

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some drawings. learning.

been drawing fairly consistently since trip to Houston in December 2016.  inspired by calligraphy, aboriginal art, various patterns.  trying to learn to draw faces.  w’d especially like to feel comfortable with 3/4 views.  using youtube videos for instruction.   problem:  don’t practice near enough.  the blown out tire happened on Highway 41 from Ok City to St. Louis.  didn’t lose control of car but tire kaput.  this was my 2nd version.  taught me that i ought to do 2nd, many  versions of interesting subjects.  make different choices when i do that.  the drawing based on chinese year of the horse calligraphy & the netsuke demon inspired drawings most recent.

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notes on Big Bill Haywood & me (yikes, i just placed myself on the same pedestal as one my models)

when i was still in high school, i read Ralph Chaplin’s autobiography, “Wobbly, the rough and tumble story of an american radical”. (have no idea how that book found its way into the high school library.) Big Bill Haywood was one of the Wobblies that Chaplin worked alongside.

after the american civil war through the end of WW1, Haywood’s time, activists from the various tendencies often worked on common projects- the 8 hour day, outlawing child labor, safe working conditions, against imperialist & colonial wars, & of course, industrial unions. Eugene Debs, Lucy Parsons (widow of Albert Parsons, one of the Haymarket Martyrs), Daniel De Leon (the leader of the Socialist Labor Party & not a near relation far as i know) & Bill Haywood attended & played active roles in the founding conference of the International Workers of the World, June 1905.

in 1907, Haywood and other Wobblies were acquitted of murdering a former governor of Idaho. Clarence Darrow was his lead attorney & Eugene Debs (the spokesperson for the Socialist Party at the time) led a massive political defense campaign on their behalf. in 1921, Haywood fled the USofA after being convicted of “espionage” for opposition to WW1. He died May 18, 1928 and is buried in Moscow.

i was awed by the militant tapestry of the early labor, anarchist and socialist movements especially as the “official” labor organization, the AFL-CIO seemed the antithesis of those movements.

to their great credit, Haywood and the activists of the IWW maintained very militant anarcho-syndicalist principles combined with a generosity of spirit and comradeship that remains a model for movements today.

****i originally intended this as a FBook post “only me”.  it’s a partial memory of one of my first encounters with radical movements.

i was probably 15, 16 years old when i read Chaplin’s bio.  didn’t follow up this reading of a radical’s memoir right away but in the fall of 1965, i attended Loop City College with my high school friend, Kirby Shapiro.  we both signed up for a class on the Civil Rights movement and i encountered for the first time the writings of WEB du Bois, Martin Luther King, Booker Washington, Frederick Douglass & most importantly, Malcolm X.   these figures were hardly ever mentioned in high school history classes at that time.  i became a partisan of Malcolm X, SNCC & Stokely Carmichael.  through them, i discovered Fidel, Che & the Cuban Revolution.

while at city college, i & friends edited a school sponsored poetry magazine and got it into our head to call an anti-war assembly right around memorial day.  we started putting up hand made flyers and were called into the Dean’s office.  a nice man who read us the riot act.

we backed off but by the time, i left Loop City College (now relocated and renamed Harold Washington), i was eager to join the anti-war & Chicano movements.  in the fall of 1967, when i got to University of Illinois that had opened a Chicago campus a few years earlier, i found a thriving anti-war movement, an SDS that was open to all tendencies, the Young Socialist Alliance (which i quickly joined) but no Chicano movement.

my friend, Genaro Lara and i canvassed the campus for Latino students.  we gathered nearly all the Latino students (there were less than a hundred on campus) into a group we naively called Vanguardia.  we quickly learned a valuable lesson.  a good portion of the students were children of Cuban exiles and objected to the leftist character we gave the group.

SDS, the anti-war committee & YSA asked us to co-sponsor the visit of a CPUSA leader as a test of the universities ban on communists.  we did so and all the groups were proscribed by the university.  we conducted a sit in of the student union and the university quickly backed off.  we did not re-form “Vanguardia”.

as i recounted in a previous post, i recently began characterizing myself as an anarcho-communist.  have to add that this is not because i’m steeped in anarchist concepts or familiar with the anarchist movement’s history & literature.  i was for a significant period of my life involved with the Trotskyst variant of the communist movement.  the trotskysts share the Leninist, Stalinist, Maoist, Fidelista adherence to the model of command party communism–wherein the central command of “THE REVOLUTIONARY PARTY” substitutes for the democratic decision making of the oppressed and workers now and for the distant future under the rubric of “the dictatorship of/over/under/the proletariat”.

from this earlier reference point, i characterize my current views as “technically” anarchist.  this has led me to begin a review of the history of the socialist, anarchist & communist movements.  my impression is that, at times, the activists of these various movements worked together and engaged with each other in a manner that current command party advocates w’d find surprising.

most of my former trotskyist comrades are woefully ignorant of this history and prefer to use the term “anarchist” as a pejorative in the same manner that the bourgeois media does.

fortunately or not for me, i am familiar with the communist movement and its various tendencies  and I am no longer impressed by their rationalizations of their own shortcomings and those of the regimes they champion.  this is especially true of their “heroic” mythologizing of the 1917 Russian Revolution and subsequent adoption of that model by a large section of post WWI socialist & some anarchists & anarcho-syndicalists.

the IWW had a great core of activist organizers but its successes were episodic.  they participated in some of the great battles of the pre-WWI labor.  often these were fought by women, immigrants in industries neglected by the AFL-CIO.   but the IWW has a presence in today’s left.

right now, i’m reading Paul Avrich’s The Haymarket Tragedy which gives an account of the labor, socialist & anarchist movements from the Civil War to the 1886 general strike for the 8 hour day & the subsequent railroading of anarchist leaders for a bombing they were not involved in.

i feel i have to start at the beginning.  i’m also interested in but have not started reading material on the schism between anarchists & socialist in the first & second internationals.  this distinction is misleading as anarchists were and are anti-capitalists,  socialists, communists & quite often more thoroughly so than the command party & militarized regime advocates.

i hope to intensify my studies of the anarchist movement’s myriad variants and participate in some manner with comrades of those movements.  perhaps i can be a link, a modest bridge between anarchist activists & communist.  so far, my former trotskyist friends tolerate my anarchist leanings.  perhaps they’re amused.

2017-02-10 (2) Bill Haywood on general strikes

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This Is What Community Self-Defense and Solidarity Looks Like, or Should!

some good suggestions from comrade Milstein.

Outside the Circle


This work-in-progress list is intended as counter to the rising fascism, and hopefully as an anecdote to the spineless liberalism that wants to somehow merely love fascism away. It’s one attempt to kick off a resource guide of ideas for how to practice revolutionary solidarity and community self-defense projects and counter-institutions. I’m pulling those projects and proposals I’ve seen offered by savvy accomplices across Turtle Island. Share your ideas in the comments below, and I’ll add them to this list — and then we can increasingly share, promote, and practice such strategies of survival and brave spaces. Feel free to critique or add to the ideas I’ve already shared; this isn’t meant to be a list of answers so much as, Zapatista-like, walking together while we ask and experiment.

Once there are a bunch of ideas and links to examples, maybe some graphic designer accomplices of mine can turn…

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is facebook a good source for my Maldichos?

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Grexit or Jubilee? How Greek Debt Can Be Annulled

though i am a “utopian” anarcho-communist, i find the analysis of the Modern Monetary theorists very solid. their key ideas c’d be used by a worker’s government to resolve the monetary that plague Greece and w’d certainly plague a genuine revolutionary government.


The crushing Greek debt could be canceled the way it was made – by sleight of hand. But saving the Greek people and their economy is evidently not in the game plan of the Eurocrats.

Greece’s creditors have finally brought the country to its knees, forcing President Alexis Tsipras to agree to austerity and privatization measures more severe than those overwhelmingly rejected by popular vote a week earlier. No write-down of Greece’s debt was included in the deal, although the IMF has warned that the current debt is unsustainable.

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis calls the deal “a new Versailles Treaty” and “the politics of humiliation.” Greek defense minister Panos Kammenos calls it a “coup d’état” done by “blackmailing the Greek prime minister with collapse of the banks and a complete haircut on deposits.”

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Maldixos – original & discovered dichos. volume 1

my original purpose in selecting the name maldichos was to designate my collection of dichos, sayings, proverbs.  dichos in spanish means sayings.  mal-dichos meant (at least in my mind) the bad or evil sayings.  i don’t beleive in evil or good.  though i can define “evil” as that which is against my interest.  good being that which is in my interest.  the following “maldichos” are intended to bring a smile of recognition.

though some may judge them to be in poor taste or politically incorrect or misogynistic or racist or sacrilegious to one or another or all messianic religions or narrow minded or crude or plain stupid, my intent is not to harm.  if you are offended by satire, sarcasm, cruelty of thought, peevishness of word… perhaps you should pass on these.  i don’t ask that you suspend judgement.  i hope you will smile, perhaps laugh out loud.

my true feelings on the subject matter touched on are more complicated than the short set of maldichos offered here.  as time goes by, i will add other sets.  where the dichos are not my own thoughts, i have cited the person to whom the dicho is attributed if known by me.  i’ve found that is not a completely reliable quality.  a dicho has often been attributed to someone who probably never uttered it.

at times, i’ve indicated the source by initials– JK, J.J., SK or first name -Murray.  these are friends of mine whom i hope forgive me for dragging them into this mire of uncertain speculation and satire.

the set here was compiled in 2005 though some pre-date that year & have been  updated since.

&*&^&*&^&*^^&&&&*******&^^&^&((((*****  &*^&*************&&&&&&^^^^^^

a quick review of Tim LeHay’s left behind novels.

GdL:  the xians are wishing there was nobody else around but them…sorry and it’s my sad duty to inform you that you are in the minority and shrinking.  perhaps you need to use them bombs you’re so happy about.

Mata Patas.  Mata Vacas

gdl: like chupacabras.  call me mr. Mata Patas, Mr. Mata Vacas

Goethe’s dichos in something called Maxims & Reflections:

  1. Mathematics cannot remove prejudice. Is unable to appease party bias.  Has no power in the whole moral domain.
  2. You cannot get rid of what truly belongs to you. Even if you throw it away.
  3. There can be no such thing as an eclectic philosophy but there can be eclectic philosophers.
  4. When I have to cease being moral, I am left without power.
  5. One is never deceived. One deceives oneself.
  6. We do not ask by what right we rule: We simply rule.  We are not concerned whether people have any right to depose us:  we just take care that they are not temped to do it.

GdL:  conquest/ imperalism without soul searching?  or simply confidence & let the chips fall where they may?

  1. We wouldn’t object if death could be abolished but abolishing the death penalty will be difficult to put across. If it is abolished, we shall occasionally reinstate it.

GdL:  at times, it’s abolished in theory but practiced in secret/ with subterfuges.  ley fuga.  police & secret police assassinations.

  1. If society gives up the right to make use of the death penalty, self help immediately takes over: vendetta knocks at the door.

GdL:  y que?

  1. Knowledge is not enough… we have to apply it. Wanting is not enough, there has to be action.

GdL:  Lenin & I agree heartily with this statement.

  1. Nothing is more dangerous to a new truth than an old error.
  2. Modern poets put a lot of water in their ink.
  3. In the thieving fraternity fools are the worst: they filch both your time and our temper.
  4. Nature hides god. But not from everyone
  5. Faith is love for what is invisible, trust in what is impossible, improbable.
  6. The Christian religion was intended to be a political revolution, which, when it failed, became a moral one.

GdL:  today, it is a politico-social force rather than a moral one.

  1. The church weakens everything that it touches.

*****many more

Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.

-Oscar Wilde quoted by the Sean Connery character in movie with N. Cage about some mutineers on Alacatraz.  Haven’t seen Connery in any decent movies lately.  Hard to be seen as an action hero when you’re hitting up on 70.

Pigs get fed.  Hogs get slaughtered.  -Jeff J.

GdL: and exactly how is this applicable to our present dilemma?  does this mean i can no longer be a vegetarian.

Science is what you know.  Philosophy is what you don’t know.

-Bertrand Russell

You don’t want to go there.  Nothing pretty over there.

That place is not a pretty place right now.  When we were younger, ambitious we saw it differently.  The place did not change.  You/ We changed.

Under the Republicans, man exploits man.

Under the Democrats, it’s just the opposite.

Terrorism is a symptom not the disease.

The media is only as liberal as the reactionary CEO’s who own them.

Make levees, Not war.

War is not the Answer

Marvin Gaye’s What’s going on? :  only love canquer hate.

Perfection/ perfect arrogance has no gratitude/ no humility.

Perfection is a concept without reality though some folks live in unreality.

Do I miss my X?

Yes…but my aim is getting better.

-thanks to Murray

He, who acts for another, acts for himself.

-latin phrase thrown at John Roberts, nominee for chief justice of supreme court.  Mr. Roberts kept throwing off responsibility for advocating against the public’s interest.

Some folks complain about nothing.

Me?  I complain about everything.

GdL: and you know everything includes the nothing.

Just because you’re in a hurry (automobile-istic speaking) doesn’t give you the right to be stupid.

World trade center destroyed.  Iraq war disaster.  Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, Mississippi disasters?  This boy Bush is just bad luck.

A friend will help you move.

A good friend will help you move a body.

A dog and man go to heaven story:

A man and his dog were walking along a road. The man was enjoying the scenery, when it suddenly occurred to him that he was dead.

He remembered dying, and that the dog walking beside him had been dead for years. He wondered where the road was leading them.

After a while, they came to a high, white stone wall along one side of the road. It looked like fine marble. At the top of a long hill, it was broken by a tall arch that glowed in the sunlight.

When he was standing before it he saw a magnificent gate in the arch that looked like mother‑of‑pearl, and the street that led to the gate looked like pure gold. He and the dog walked toward the gate, and as he got closer, he saw a man at a desk to one side.

When he was close enough, he called out, “Excuse me, where are we?”

“This is Heaven, sir,” the man answered.

“Wow! Would you happen to have some water?” the man asked.

“Of course, sir. Come right in, and I’ll have some ice water brought right up.”

The man gestured, and the gate began to open.

“Can my friend,” gesturing toward his dog, “come in, too?” the traveler asked.

“I’m sorry, sir, but we don’t accept pets.”

The man thought a moment and then turned back toward the road and continued the way he had been going with his dog.

After another long walk, and at the top of another long hill, he came to a dirt road leading through a farm gate that looked as if it had never been closed. There was no fence.  As he approached the gate, he saw a man inside, leaning against a tree and reading a book.

“Excuse me!” he called to the man. “Do you have any water?”

“Yeah, sure, there’s a pump over there, come on in.”

“How about my friend here?” the traveler gestured to the dog.

“There should be a bowl by the pump.”

They went through the gate, and sure enough, there was an old‑fashioned hand pump with a bowl beside it.

The traveler filled the water bowl and took a long drink himself, then he gave some to the dog.

When they were full, he and the dog walked back toward the man who was standing by the tree.

“What do you call this place?” the traveler asked.

“This is Heaven.” he answered.

“Well, that’s confusing,” the traveler said. “The man down the road said that was Heaven, too.”

“Oh, you mean the place with the gold street and pearly gates? Nope. That’s hell.”

“Doesn’t it make you mad for them to use your name like that?”

“No, we’re just happy that they screen out the folks who would leave their best friends behind.”

GdL:  recently saw snippet of Mahabarata and there’s a similar story there.

another rant on the US war on Iraq:

I do agree with the supporters of the war in iraq.  We need to keep troops over there.  I wouldn’t want the brothers to run out of targets over there and have to make their way over to my neck of the woods to make doo-doo.

Listened to Juan Cole describing his fantasies of all the wonderful things that we could do for the iraquis after we pull out or withdraw our military adventurers from the cities and towns.

GdL:  And do what Juan?  Guard the borders?  Isn’t that something that a sovereign county would want to do for itself?

Juan?  You don’t grasp the concept.  the moment we pull out, the number of things we could do for the iraquis drops to practically zero.  once we’re not there invading and assaulting them, it’s highly unlikely they will ask us what type of government they should have or who should be in it or who their friends can be.  The problem that has to be solved (for good and bad) is that the U.S. like any previous empire intends to be the master in other people’s homes.  Once that becomes impossible (and the iraquis are in the process of teaching the Americans- messy as that process is- that it is impossible to rule their country as a colony) the U.S. imperial fiat will no longer carry much authority.

this is what the western imperialist powers can’t let go of.  they want to be “the man” in someone else’s home.  this cannot be allowed by a sovereign people no matter how many casualties have to be taken.

Are there no depths to which you people won’t sink?  No, I guess not.

gdl:  a general purpose rhetorical question with answer.

The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe.  You have to make it fall.-  Ernesto che Guevara

gdl: che.  If you had waited 30 years, you could have seen the Bolivian apple actually falling.  A socialist allied with Indian peasants and workers may very well win the next presidential election.

The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.              -Stephen Biko

Knowledge is not as re assuring as ignorance.

What do we need to do to get to utopia?

GdL:  one wrong though common answer is:  We gotta kill a lotta people.  Why is that wrong?  it’s been tried so many times but never quite gets us there.  brother hood and freedom (?whatever those mean) can’t be gained by the means of slaughter.  those of us who have attempted have only re created that which we (and presumably they) abhorred.

How do we explain the corruption of nearly everything the world has thought innocent, beautiful and “right”?

GdL:  It was ever thus.  Virtue simply has shallower pockets than corruption.

Great Nations do not have small wars.

– the Duke of Wellington

Quoted by Patrick Coburn in the 7.24.2005 UK Independent.  Read on Common Dreams

What good is money if it can’t inspire fear and terror in your fellow man?     -Montgomery Burns on The Simpson

See how easy all moral dilemmas really are?  Just explain you’re Krshna’s cousin.  That explains most everything.

Some rancid lying lawyers (are there any other kind?) say, think they’re not being paid enough to lie.

GdL:  Give me a fucken break.  What are these mutterfuckers talking about.  If they’re being paid for anything they effen do, it’s to tell convincing lies though most can’t even manage that when your ass is on the line with 12 jurors out to make good on the community’s fervent & righteous desire to hang your effen ass.

hooded iraqui at abu ghraib

I swear it was this big…bigger.  Why would I lie?  Swear on the prophet’s grave and hope to die.  God, I hope to die.

Question:  How do lawyers, American liberators, presidents, priests, little boy & girl snatchers (fill in the effen blank with your favorite) say “Fuck you”?

Answer:  Trust me or Nice tie.

from the compendium of stories of the Demonicus Santisimus

Some demons are so evil tempered- that it’s best to stay far far away from them at all effen times.

GdL:  though I’ve only known one, I have to generalize from that one horrifying experience.

Woman complaining she’s receiving what she regards as unnecessary suggestions from a man:  That was a suggestion, wasn’t it?

Man:  No.  No.  No.  I don’t do suggestions.

Remember to laugh heartily and move quickly if the woman is prone to violence and sharp knives.  And of course, to re state the obvious:  stay out of machete range if she’s an islander.

What island?  You may ask.  It doesn’t matter what island we’re talking about.   Any of those demon santita islands or demi-countries.

Demon-Santitas would be perfect wives if only they would learn to cook rice and beans.

gdl:  it’s a well know fact they are bean and rice challenged.

One of your minion came by and she/he said you would be late.  You were delivering or snatching souls for you know who…

-speaking ‘bout the D-Santita’s minions

The Demon-Santitas are described in a horrifying chapter of the Xian’s New (?) Testosterone — … did I get that right?  testament? really? … — as ten headed dragons with eyes all over their bodies and, alternately as a huge alluring (to xianitos) woman who plays kick ball with the earth’s moon prior to stomping out the humanoids except for some 144,000 hebrews for xristo who are long fucken dead any way.  Everybody from David Koresh to the new anti-xristo poppa is trying to figure that one out.

Demon Santita to unsuspecting male:  How many times have you been married.

GdL:  correct answer:  Too many times.  Then duck.  Or Lie and say “Huh?”

Demon Santita:  Husband, you need to go to church.

GdL:  Do I look like a hypocrite?  Besides think of all the trouble and woe I would bring to them hapless little xians.

Demon-Santita:  You don’t know the meaning of humility.

G’s answer:  hum… humbola… can’t even say that word.

No.  No.  No.  Arrogance has no need for humility.

What do you say to or about a Demon-Santita complaining of hot flashes?

Gdl:  is it hot enough for you, demoness?

GdL #2:  Hotter ‘n hell.  Well, you know I thought that was home for the D-S.  Que no?

No, thank you.  Go ahead and eat your strange food all by yourself.  Spare me, please.

I’ll cook the curry honey…some people just do whatever they want to do.  Do you know anybody like that?

When the demon santita berates herself for what I consider good behavior (such as asking permission for what she’s going to do regardless of my response),

I say:  That’s good.  Finally, my long, hard years of training are finally paying off.

What does it mean when the d-s calls me handsome?

Gdl:  is that devilish handsome you’re referencing?  And what does that mean?  Do my horns and tail show?  I didn’t think so?

D-S:  Husband, you have the rosary with me.

G:  No! No! No!  I know nothing of your demonic incantations and xian rituals.  Besides your little legionnaire didn’t say me.  He said you have to say it.  Not one our father or hail Mary but the whole effen thing.  Leave me out of your squabbles with the anti-xristos.

Demon-S:  You (who?) have to go to confession.

GdL:  I don’t think they would understand … besides I know nothing or next to nothing of your incantations and demonic rituals.  I don’t even like the way you guys cook little xian infants.

D-S:  When you first saw it (?) you thought it was beautiful.

Man:  I still think it’s beautiful, I just don’t feel compelled to repeat myself ad nauseam./ I’ve taught myself to not say it over and over and over… / I’ve learned that constant repetitions of trite observations doesn’t improve a beautiful sighting.

d-santita:  remember the 7 deadly sins?

G:  (correct answer if…) no.  being unacquainted with sin, I have no knowledge of one sin much less 7.  pray, do tell.

Demon-Santita (putting pressure on my mind-membrane):  wipe that effen smile off your face.

GdL-correct answer:  yes, of course, your demonicus.

the catolicos have selected themselves a german pope with skeletons (literally) in his closet. he’s not trusted by the moderates or anyone else.  he’s been the attorney general (chief law officer) for the Vatican for last 20 years.   he’s 79.  a german.  supporter of opus dei (they’ve been trying to kill opie of the andy Griffith show for decades.  don’t know why they haven’t succeeded.) he was a member of the nazi youth and the german army.  who wasn’t at that time?  wasn’t everybody?  yeah.  yeah.

I had been telling the demon santita that it was time for the catolicos to have their anti-xristo.

j… e-mailed the Demon/Santita:  the first thing she thought of when she heard the new pope was german:  anti xristo.

I read the 1st paragraph of revelations.  whoa.  what a weird opening.  when was this piece of trash written?

D-S:  What did you call this?

G: “meat of the savior” curry.  in honor of good Friday, of course.

Man singing:  too much wahalla in my house…

GdL:  too much wahalla in the world, my man.  and we know the demon santitas are behind the wahalla in the world.  don’t let them fool you.  they are the spirits of wahalla.  oooh..  they’re very dangerous.  don’t even let them catch you talking this trash.  you will be suspect…at least as long as it takes for the demon santitas to make bone whistles and broth out of you.

the true (honest injun & honest to god) story of Adam & Eve

you know god tried three times to create a complementary gender for adam.  he never quite got it right.

his first attempts ended in disaster.  so he set brother Adam up with Lilith.  the mother of all demon/santisimus.  an effen succubi.

GdL:  in god’s defense, he was just getting started in this game… still hadn’t quite gotten a handle on creation…  unfortunately, he had already made the fatal error of mixing bad, bad, bad B’s with our weak little male gender.

not being happy with her cast in life, Lilith couldn’t stand adam.  thought he was a fool and a cretin.  she blamed god and looking over at Adam, she wanted way more than adam could offer.

god said, okay but you gotta change your name…god scratched his old mischievous head.  yep, gotta change your name to magic sam.  and laughed.

lilith’s answer was “fuck you and the wand your rode in on”.  she then proceeded to procreate on her own and soon the earth had incubi and succubi up the yin yang.

chalk it up to that theory about man being from mars, demon santitas from who the fuck knows what god-forsaken galaxy or asteroid they were spawned in.

and that’s how it is now and has been since and may well continue to be.

also how we got the art of bs.

god, of course, is the all time master of the con and he knew the b’s would always protest no matter what.  you don’t read about feminism and women’s rights in the bible.  the old, dust beaten deity didn’t think they had any rights he was bound to respect.

but my poor deluded gender is cowed repeatedly by the fem-nazis and their ilk into accepting fem-gender issues as somehow legitimate.

-from the Hidden book of the Demon Santitas : chapter 1.  How it all got started.

-oh.  they tell it like it really is in the secret book of the d-s.

-they do not allow others to read this book.

truth to tell.  it’ s their only book.

but who knew demon santitas could read much less had the one true book.

we will tell you of the outcome but cannot tell you of the beginning of the demon santitas.  they don’t tell and no one knows.  just as well.

whatever the truth may be…it will no doubt be horrifying to us humanoids.

Jeff:  What are you doing?

GdL #1:  God’s dirty work.  Someone has to set things right here on earth.

Gdl #2:  God’s dirty work.  Someone has to clean up after that whiny, arrogant old fuddy duddy.

Demon/Santisimus:  Who told you those terrible things about me?  Where did you learn these horrible lies about me?  I hope you didn’t believe them.

Horrified Man:  Those aren’t raisins in the oatmeal…they’re demon-santita droppings.


DS:  I swear you must be haunted…

G:  by my devilish good looks?

DS:  I swear you blame me for the tsunami.

G:  did you fart in the toilet bowl, Tsunami Demoness?


Every day is demonic when you live with a demon santita.


She’s a Santa Wahala.

-proper gender designation for a wahala demon



Backward Dichos:

Like so ain’t do so.

-backward island dicho

he’s still the season for the reason.

-backward xian dicho

gdl:  I must add (as only I and few others would add) his reason and the season have always been short a few shekels and many brain cells.

I’ve never been a workaholic.

Gdl:  nothing lower except…well, actually…nothing lower.

Just another vaca-pata complaining and whining incessantly ‘cause she lost out in the gender sweepstakes.

Gdl:  losers, ugly, depraved ever expanding ugly bags of water.

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.

-Jacque Barzun quoted in Art and Times of the Guitar.

gdl:  but doing something badly forever just fucken sucks?

Who the fuck will save us from those who would do good for terrible reasons.

GdL:  The unaware do-gooder syndrome?/  a warped do gooder/ another motherless but innocent idiot.

Totalitarianism is a regime that seeks to know everything about everyone but reveals nothing about itself.

-Heard on KPFK’s digital village 4.16.2005

I dreamed I would grow up to be a little boy/ a little kid.

Gdl:  follow your bliss

You can’t ridicule others if you take yourself seriously.

GdL:  comedian’s rule #1.  I don’t think there are other rules after this one.

Except lenny’s:  tragedy plus time (different context, distance) is comedy.
Or Frued’s:  humor is our (humanoids) only acceptable form of aggression.

I love listening to you.  It usually means I have nothing better to do.

GdL:  am I losing any love here?

B:  why did you give ‘em my number?

GdL:  I couldn’t think of anything else to do besides they offered me candy.

the better you get at something, the easier it gets

Love slave for sale.

-sad Hollywood tabloid ad.

I stopped our trishaw outside the Chalet and said to Phuong, “Go in and find a table.  I had better look after Pyle” (the quiet American?).  That was my first instinct- to protect him.  it never occurred to me that there was a greater need to protect myself.  Innocence always calls mutely for protection, when we would be so much wiser to guard ourselves against it;  Innocence is like a dumb leper who has lost his bell, wandering the world meaning no harm.

-The Quiet American

The Quiet American by Graham Greene published in 1955.  In his foreword, Greene says he had been in Vietnam for the previous five years.  That was the period in which the French were defeated by the Viet Minh.  Like all losers they blamed everyone but themselves.  Yeah.  Sure.


He looked white and beaten and ready to faint, and I thought “What’s the good? he’ll always be innocent, you can’t blame the innocent, they are always guiltless.  All you can do is control them or eliminate them.   Innocence is a kind of insanity.”

-p213 The Quiet American

You can have a hundred women and still be a virgin, Pyle.  Most of your G.I.’s who were hanged for rape in the war were virgins.  We don’t have so many in Europe.  I’m glad.  They do a lot of harm.

-p. 132 The Quiet American

I’ve reached the age when sex isn’t the problem so much as old age and death.  I wake up with these in mind and not a woman’s body.  I just don’t want to be alone in my last decade, that’s all.  I wouldn’t know what to think about all day long.  I’d sooner have a woman in the same room- even one I didn’t love.   But if phuong left me, would I have the energy to find another?…


We seem to have talked about nearly everything except god. We better leave him to the small hours…You don’t believe in him, do you?  No.  Things to me wouldn’t make sense without him…  They don’t make sense to me with him.


GdL:  one of the problem with the one godders, they attribute all virtues to their god while consigning lesser attributes to other humanoids or anti-god entities like the devil, concepts of evil, whatever.  Now how the hell you can claim a creator god and claim that some entity can oppose this creator god’s will.  Really.  Neat trick but not very convincing.

Suffering is not increased by numbers:  one body can contain all the suffering the world can feel.

-p. 240

He was like an emblematic statue of all I thought I hated in America- as ill designed as the Statue of Liberty and as meaningless.

-p. 240

Life is like a game of cards.  The hand that is dealt you represents determinism; the way you play it is free will.

-Jawaharal Nehru  (1889-1964)

That’s the problem with making claims/ boasts of that nature my dear little fellow:  There’s always skeptical folks such as myself who will come along and mock you mercilessly.

You strengthen that which you resist.

-Carolyn Casey, Visionary Activist on KPFK’s Roy of Hollywood show.

GdL: this goes in line with the thoughts/ dichos of many philosophers.   need to get past dualistic thought/ approaches.  them vs us.  good vs bad/ evil.  saintly vs. demonic.

only man makes these distinctions.  do they really exist?  not really.  but they give dramatic impetus, framing to our lives.  it’s easier to think we failed because of the efforts of others rather than our “true” failure to see the unity of existenz.  hopefully, we can use this insight to persuade others to engage and not see us as the enemy.  lotz of luck.

If you limit your desires or acceptable outcomes to one outcome, you will most likely be disappointed.  Everything would have to go your way and evolve just right for you to be satisfied.

If you widen the number of outcomes acceptable to you, you will most likely be happy with the actual outcome.  Unless everything goes wrong (as highly unlike as everything going right) you will not be disappointed.

If you don’t / didn’t feed your fat cells, you’d be thin, my man.  let’s do a terry schiavo on them fat cells…starve their fat asses.

i live amongst strange folk.  they walk out the door and i never hear them say “i’ll be back” or “goodby”.  why does that bother me?

Doing nothing is so hard to do.

GdL:  near impossible.

Some say i look mean but i don’t frighten most adults…only small children, women & men with weak hearts.

woman’s Question to man:   Why are you so effen contrarian?  stubborn?  pig headed?  male chauvinist s.o.b?  misogynist?  mean to small children and animals?  nasty, evil smelling, unbelieving and never repenting pig?

man’s response: experience.

A machine that could have fun, feel pain would no longer be a “machine” in the way we understand machines.

You and I may not understand the workings of a machine but it can be understood by humans after all humans designed it.

The unexpected is the unexpected precisely because it is unexpected.  If you could expect it, it would no longer be the unexpected.

GdL:  where did you hear those unsubstantiated rumors.

On accusations of causing the wahala in my household

If you need, want (?)  to waste time… always is a good time to start.

Rant on the Ways of the world?

So the torah reports:  God said to adam (first man) you will earn your daily bread by the sweat of your brow.

Thanks, god now we (the rest of humanity for all time) have to work for our sustenance and never be sure of obtaining enough.  That’s why so many of god’s “children” starve to death.  Oh, yes, starvation and death are the way of the world.

This little ditty could be re phrased:  get the fuck out of paradise.  The free ride is over.

Why was it a paradise?  you didn’t have to toil for your daily sustenance.

why is this  a death sentence?

You wear yourself out sooner or later.  Slaves were worn out by their owners.  They were worked to death.  Their life expectancy in 17th, 18th and 19th century America was less than 40.

The only hope you have is to emulate the longer living group (slave owners, master races.  Whatever you choose) :

do less if you want to live longer.

Another religious joke being passed around the office: 

Little girl in catholic school is sleeping during her early morning theology class.  The nun teaching the class notices and directs the question to her:  Who created the heavens and earth?

A little boy sitting behind the little girl reaches under his desk and stabs the little girl with a pencil on her behind.

The little girl jumps up and screams “oh god!”.

Very good the nun says approvingly.

The little girl sits and is soon sleeping again.

The nun again directs a question to the little girl.  Who was god’s only son?

The little boy does it again.  Stabs the little girl in the ass with his pencil.

The little girl jumps up screaming:  jesus christ!

Very good, the nun says.

after a while the little girl is again dozing off.  the nun directs another question to her again:  what did eve say to adam after their 24th child?

The little girl isn’t quite asleep this time and knowing the kid behind her is going to stab her again, jumps up screaming:

if you stick that thing in me one more time, I swear I’m going to break it in half.

Woman:  I need my freedom.  You’re a control freak.

Man:  and exactly when did you figure this out?  Does this mean I can stop paying your bills?  Yes.  Freedom cuts both ways.

Too much wahala in my home,

I will pay you tomorrow.

-Ghanian Hi-Life Xmas (?) song.  That’s what I thought.

Wahala translates loosely into all the trouble you need in the world and it is gender based and has a name.

Anything you wear for a year is bound to get (shall we say) a little odiferous, frayed and slightly soiled.  Change your underwear at least once a month.  If nothing else, it gives a new set a bugs a lease on life.

GdL:  Half-lessons in cleanliness for my gender.

Where did you learn to read?  I thought that was crime where you’re from?

One of our great mistakes was teachin’ them to read.  Later, it was simply too difficult to keep them thinking they weren’t inferior.

GdL:  True of slaves and women

How can we keep them ignorant if we let them handle the remote control on the TV?

pendejo:  no way, man… they can have my remote when they pry it out of my cold, dead fist.

GdL:  they have ways of doing that.

In a parallel universe, I’m sure just that conversation did take place but not here.

It may have been my mistake but I blame her…I wouldn’t want to demoralize myself.

Chuc Mung Giang Sinh

Va Nam Moi.

-Merry Xmas & happy new year in Vietnamese

Yes, I understand that you’re startled to hear all these accusations and criticisms of your performance…Unfortunately; the poor quality of your decisions is even more startling.

GdL:  telling truth to a once high flying bureaucrat

Question authority.  Sez who?

I’m not against god.  It’s his fan club I can’t stand.

What can you say when someone / some enemy/ friend/ someone you know or don’t know dies?

GdL’s suggested responses:

Save a bone to suck on/

too effen bad, I wanted to kill that m.f. myself/

good effen riddance to bad shit/

that’s sad/

he’s crossed over/

he/she’s given up this veil of tears/this coil of tears/

no more pain, no more sadness for him/

I’ll miss him/

can we dance on his effen grave/

I wanted that muther to live a long, long, long extremely painful life./

we’ll meet in hell/

other than take up space, exactly what did he contribute to our existence?

GdL:  good question, evil answers

Cool head, warm hearts.

The more you slow water down, the faster it infiltrates its soil.

Fierce blessings instead of cursing your enemies.  An example in my case would be that the vaca cow-clown heart find a cow tender to keep her big butt within proper, straight razor/barbed wire, cattle prod behavior.  would she be happy?

GdL:  Would I be happy?

May you find happiness.

GdL:  The fierce tag to that would be: so that you will be less of an asshole towards the rest of us.

From Gary Snyder’s a place in space:
The country is ruined: yet

mountains and rivers remain.

it’s spring in the walled town,

the grass growing wild.

-Tu Fu (Chinese poet)

Proverbs are proverbs because they are so true.

So thick the confusion…even the cowards were brave.

The crow was so ravished by pleasure.

that the kingfisher on a rock nearby

shook its feathers and flew away

Into the jug…through a straw.


The houseowner was caught

the house escaped

through the window.

–Fishnet.  A Filipinos proverb

Flying upward

ringing bells in silence

the butterfly.

Faraway, a

fire flaring up

red fox tail

We come upstream

in red canoes:

the salmon.

3 proverbs from the Koyukon of the Alaskan Yukon

When the old hen scratches,

the chicks eat beetles

-Samoan dicho.

Not all knowledge

is contained in your dancing school.

-Hawaiian dicho

“My feet are cold” one says,

and the legless man replies:

“So are mine.  So are mine.”

-proverb from Kentucky

Chinese referred to proverbs as “old women’s sayings”

I hope you know that different people have different concepts of justice.

GdL:  My idea of the “J” word is that my enemies arms fall off during the night and they wake up with nubs where their arms used to be.  Do you know how difficult it is getting out of bed when you ain’t got no arms or hands?

JJ:  not mention the impossibility of wiping your ass.

Yoga visualizing as though you’ve accomplished your goal.  subconscious mind creates reality.  very safe.  can be used for creation of skills.  do in relax state don’t censor.

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