series of IT dixos from the MalDichos

been correcting punctuation, spelling, format on larger set of MalDichos y Otros MadDichos for a Troubled World…  started these way back last century… early 1990’s.  this is a small sub section…think i have 10 or 12 sub sections in compendium  which i hope to post soon.  some are “original” with me, friends of mine, others plagiarized, many mis-attributed…  be warned these do not deem anything, or anyone sacrosanct.  i hold to lenny bruce’s dictum:  afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.   the groupings are loose though in this case share the use of the word IT.  enjoy.

a series of IT dixos

It ain’t over till IT’S OVER.  –Yogi Berra

Use it or lose it.

It’s easy enough to give up the things we don’t like.  It’s much, much harder to give up the things we like.

A truly evil person tells the truth as though IT were a lie.

It takes a troubled man to sing a troubled song.   –Woody Guthrie

IT takes a lot to laugh…IT takes a train to cry.    -Bob Dylan

Honest, IT crawled into my mind.        -GdL to the thought police.

Throw IT up, see what shit sticks.   -this old tried and true methods still work

Run IT up the flagpole…see who salutes.

IT’s a matter of mind over matter.

If IT doesn’t fit, you must acquit.   –Johnny Cochran getting OJ off the hook

If it looks good, it is good.     –so the ad men say

Maybe, I’m not doing the right thing…but I just want to look good doing IT.

 IT’s the most fun I’ve had since Hitler died.

IT’s a lot easier to appreciate what you do for others than what others do for you.

Other than that, it’s in good condition.                                                                                         GdL on garage sales:  other people’s garbage can be yours.

I thought it, I said it…..Now, I’ve had time to regret it.

It’s after the end of the world and I feel fine.  –Sun-Ra, REM and others

It’s after the end of the world and I feel dead.

It’s after September 11 and I’m alive.    GdL:  Yes, el monstro lives.

It’s much easier to ask forgiveness after the fact than it is to get permission before the act.

IT is much easier to repent of  crimes that we have committed than to refrain from those we intend to commit.    –an outlaw dicho

If it don’t come easy……….I don’t want it.

If it requires any effort on my part, I don’t want any part of it.

If it’s not going to work…Why are we even trying?????

If it requires me to do something, anything… FORGET IT.

If it doesn’t come in an easily consumed package and sold over the counter at the nearest convenience store…Why would I want it???

If it ain’t on tv with a massive, relentless media barrage, Why would I want it???

It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not.                                -Andre Gide                 GdL:  Don’t you just love hate?

It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them.   -Mark Twain

If it be a sin to covet honor, then I am the most offending soul.  –W. Shakespeare

Live with it.   Yes???  but part of living with it is complaining about it.                                   GdL:  Good (?) advise on living with your problems.

Opportunism is the key to living:  We don’t make the world.  We take it as it is.  We don’t make others.  We take them as they are.  The key is to take up your opportunities when they present themselves and make the most of those opportunities.

Take long, do it wrong then cop an attitude.    –D’s work dicho

When it won’t go away, it’s a tar baby file.  You don’t want a tar baby file.                               –Jeff Johnson and GdL’s words of bureacratic wisdom

It’s almost like a plan.     -considering management’s “work plan”

Morale is not the problem.  It’s the symptom.

The only way to deal with work is to turn it into play.  Yes, let’s play that old If I  don’t make it, you don’t make it game.                                                                                                   GdL: Getting playfully serious about job security.

It’s hard to find time for (doing) things even when you’re not doing anything!!??

I’d rather be behind in my work than work overtime.                                                             -GdL:  no sense getting all worked up over it.

The test of a vocation is the love of the drudgery it involves.    -LP Smith


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