selfie & calavera craneo

Selfie with colored Skull …and thoughts on high blood sugar levels (type 2 diabetes) & coloring books.

G-selfie w skull

on July 4, 2016….in Austin for a performance by Blues Squeezebox at the Sahara… i woke up to Bell’s Palsy.  for a few minutes, i was spooked.  the right side of my face was immobile but i realized it was not a stroke.  i couldn’t blink my right eye for 6-8 weeks.   wore an eye patch.  like a kid, i thought that was cool.  there’s not much research or effective info on many diseases…not much $$$ there… and Bell’s Palsy is one of these mystery diseases & usually goes away on its own.

alongside the Bell’s Palsy, i was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  my blood sugar had been high most of my adult life and even as a 60 year old i was given to binge-ing on sweet treats.

though i had scaled back on pan dulce, lost weight and exercised regularly, i had been feasting most nights on a mango juice based smoothie.  from a calorie standpoint it seemed healthy but from a CARB COUNTING perspective it was a disaster in the making.

my A1c came back at 10.  over the course of the next 3 months i cut my carb intake as much as i could & my A1c dropped quickly to 6.7.  3 months later it was 6.3.  3 months later it rose to 6.7.  on my last A1c in October 2017, my A1c dropped back to 6.3.  this surprised me as i had loosened my low carb diet.  i was going to ask for Metformin.

***do take blood pressure medication as it was elevated when i visited new doctor’s office in early October 2017.

my goal now is to again tighten my low carb diet and hopefully bring my A1c under 6.  if that is possible, then i will be a high normal blood sugar.  my main concern is to avoid the complications of high blood sugar….heart, kidney disease, glaucoma, strokes, etc.


my takeaway?  my blood sugar levels have dropped mainly because i’ve stopped binge-ing.

still eat bread, pan dulce, tortillas but moderately… compared to my previous intake.

i rarely eat beans, rice.  never eat fruit.  i’m taking herbs.  Turmeric.  Ginger.  Gymnema Sylvestra.  these are used in India & (i think) Ayurvedic medicine to treat high blood sugar.  right before i go to sleep, i drink a tablespoon or 2 of apple cider vinegar dissolved in water and with some artificial sweetener.  counteracts the “dawn effect”.

i’m hoping these in combination with avoiding binge-ing, will keep my blood sugar levels under control so that i can still enjoy some bread, pan dulce, tortillas, beans…after all i am a Meficano/Chicano!

the selfie for FB portrait

i wanted to post a semblance of myself on FBook.  most folks post actual photos of themselves in various poses.  i have never done so though i am in others’ photos.

i, also, wanted to show the skull …on my right side… that i colored in. 

done on a cotton bag i picked up at a $ store.

since i’ve picked up some coloring books.  the vendors claim they’re relaxing but i find them awkward, constraining & ugly …lines are way too dark to be creative with them.

the photo shows one that i did color in…to my left.

Okay … but i prefer to do my own drawings.

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