three Graphic novels

when i visit the library (one of my favorite places) lately, i check out the graphic novels section not for the latest superheroes, villains or a juvenile sci-fi  or super-natural fantasy but for more “serious” reading. sometimes, i get lucky.

last year, i found When David lost his voice a graphic novel by Judith Vanistendael. she tells the story of a man diagnosed with throat cancer, given 6 months to live and the effects on the women in his life. in addition to an engaging story line, the water color drawings are inventive & excellent.

a few weeks later, i found Rolling Blackouts, dispatches from Turkey, Syria and Iraq” by Sarah Glidden who follows two journalists (friends calling themselves the Seattle Globalist) and a former marine on a trip to document the effects of the Iraq war on refugees and others. this graphic novel is more conventionally drawn but the story and dialogues are reality based.

Years ago, i picked up a copy of Art Spiegelman’s Maus…not a “funny” subject but this graphic novel is regarded as a classic retelling of the Holocaust.

the graphic novels that catch my attention have a dramatic narrative arc and illustrations that make them doubly interesting.  in addition, they are quick reads.  i read When David lost his voice twice in one evening.

2017-03-10 (56)2017-03-10 (55)2017-03-10 (54)

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