Broken Glass, Stolen Lives

Outside the Circle


Nights in the cities and streets of US cities find not so much twinkling stars overhead, even on full-moon evenings like February 3, 2015, but twinkling candles underfoot. When did this become a regular night’s outing? What neighbors and friends do to find each other and talk face-to-face in public?

It is the new normalcy of this, the increasingly routine ritual, the familiar faces that greet each other with inadequate words that is perhaps most disturbing. Well, not the most disturbing. That is reserved, always, for why people have convened, hurriedly, from interrupted dinners or plans, from school or work. Word had gone out a mere few hours ago that another dead body lay in another road covered haphazardly by another cloth, surrounded by the crew of murders and their accomplices who did the deed.

Shoot first.

When did that become the policing norm, whether for alleged shoplifters or purported…

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