Are Our Communities Strong Enough for Police to Be Obsolete?

Outside the Circle


A new wildly fanciful and completely essential goal, with so many potential tactical and strategic angled to make it materialize, seems to be emerging out of this upsurge — uprising? — ignited by Ferguson. It adorns this particular banner, carried through Denver’s snowflakes on January 3, 2015, in a Justice for Ryan Ronquillo demonstration. In June 2014, according to one newspaper report, Denver “police estimate that 12 shots were fired [by them] at the 20-year-old [Ryan] — who was not armed — killing him.”This somber, wintery image captures the feeling that I have too often that the social order and our social relations overall seem cold, cruel, and chilling. Each stolen life, such as Ryan’s, is additional ice. One can almost believe that in this photo, all the footprints without bodies are ghosts, walking somberly too, as memories of lives lost to white supremacy and the police state.


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