Grief Can Be Subversive

Not sure where i came across Ms Milstein’s writings, thoughts. A political person who is trying to remain human. That is rare among those of us who consider ourselves anarchist/communists. Rare but important for us.

Outside the Circle


My home and housemates in San Francisco have, at long and inevitable last, been diagnosed with the life-threatening illness striking so many homes and tenants here: the eviction epidemic. This cruel disease causes much physical and emotional suffering, and in too many cases — the majority — is incurable. Too frequently, it’s also fatal on a variety of levels. The remedy sounds both simple and possible: an end to private property. But such medicine is far from forthcoming.

So alongside “solidarity not charity” eviction defense to keep people — at least a few — in their homes, to win some meager victories here and there, there’s a way in which, informally, many of us are doing eviction emotional defense. We are doing pre-grieving care work with and for each other, while we’re still here. We’re nursing each other through the pain that’s here now, and the pain that will…

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