George Bernard on the funniest joke in the world:

2017-07-05 (14)truth is the funniest joke

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W. Eugene Smith. two photographs. the first: mother and child of Minamata (a town that suffered horrific mercury poisoning) and Monk at Smith’s loft.

This gallery contains 2 photos.

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Malcolm X on “education”

2017-06-28 (30)Malcolm X on education 1

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Happy B’day Dalia & Che

my friend and companera Dalia has turned another page in the calendar.  i w’d always pretend to forget her b’day and claim i thought it was Bastille Day,  July 14.  in fact, she shares a b’day with one her idols, Ernesto Che Guevara who w’d have turned 89 this year.  here he’s pictured with two of our favorites, Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.

Dalia is shown taking the oath of office as President of SEIU Local 1000.

the last photo is of the Zapatistas having breakfast in Sanborn near Las Bellas Artes and the Alameda.  She and i had breakfast there several times when we visited Mexico City way back when…though the scene pictured is much older.  she was/is a great friend.

Dalia being sworn in as President of her local

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three Graphic novels

when i visit the library (one of my favorite places) lately, i check out the graphic novels section not for the latest superheroes, villains or a juvenile sci-fi  or super-natural fantasy but for more “serious” reading. sometimes, i get lucky.

last year, i found When David lost his voice a graphic novel by Judith Vanistendael. she tells the story of a man diagnosed with throat cancer, given 6 months to live and the effects on the women in his life. in addition to an engaging story line, the water color drawings are inventive & excellent.

a few weeks later, i found Rolling Blackouts, dispatches from Turkey, Syria and Iraq” by Sarah Glidden who follows two journalists (friends calling themselves the Seattle Globalist) and a former marine on a trip to document the effects of the Iraq war on refugees and others. this graphic novel is more conventionally drawn but the story and dialogues are reality based.

Years ago, i picked up a copy of Art Spiegelman’s Maus…not a “funny” subject but this graphic novel is regarded as a classic retelling of the Holocaust.

the graphic novels that catch my attention have a dramatic narrative arc and illustrations that make them doubly interesting.  in addition, they are quick reads.  i read When David lost his voice twice in one evening.

2017-03-10 (56)2017-03-10 (55)2017-03-10 (54)

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Lucy Parsons-my favorite dicho:

Lucy Parsons-never be deceived

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some drawings. learning.

been drawing fairly consistently since trip to Houston in December 2016.  inspired by calligraphy, aboriginal art, various patterns.  trying to learn to draw faces.  w’d especially like to feel comfortable with 3/4 views.  using youtube videos for instruction.   problem:  don’t practice near enough.  the blown out tire happened on Highway 41 from Ok City to St. Louis.  didn’t lose control of car but tire kaput.  this was my 2nd drawing.  taught me that i ought to do 2nd, many  versions of interesting subjects.  make different choices when i do that.  the drawing based on chinese year of the horse calligraphy & the nestuke demon inspired drawings most recent.

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