Demi-Shits…Bernie Sheepdog concedes…Lesser Eeeevil Advocates Busy Pink-a-yfing Credit Card Joe….????

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tred to limit myself to month of April.  interweaved with posts & comments on Demi-Shit Sheepdog BS and his legion of commie/socialist symps are glimpses of the Covid-19 pandemic.

that took off in Wuhan province of China.  probably mid December 2019.  the Chinese state didn’t get serious about it til mid-January.  by that time Wuhan residents had circulated throughout the country and infected everyone.  took the Chinese state’s shelter in place, build up of medical facilities, equipment  two months to get on the downhill side of the curve.  the now famous Flatten the Curve.  that does not eliminate, cure, heal the virus…it allows it to proceed but at a pace that medical facilities can handle.

as the pandemic proceeded in the uskkka, it became apparent that the neolithic slave state at all levels was unprepared.  the for private insurance & hospital model was two, three months behind the pandemic.  despite a two month China & Europe warning, they were overwhelmed.

an additional issue that has only  begun surfacing in last 2 weeks is that the state governors have been on tv everyday begging the Clown for & buying Ventilators from China on their own.  however, it’s now being discussed that only 1 in 5 persons that are placed on ventilators survive…not exactly a welcomed medical procedure.

it seems that forcing air into weak, frail lungs does irreparable damage.  yet, the medical for profit system is patted on the back by the mainstream media.



Here are some of my comments posted on Facebook.  they speak for themselves.
We may soon see this. Folks who live paycheck to paycheck. Long lines at Free Food Distribution Centers. Crops rotting in the fields. Delivery system breaking down.

How long before the thin veneer of “civilization” melts away?

  • Cost of livin’ gets so high
    The rich and poor they start to cry
    And now the weak must get strong, they say
    Oh, what a tribulation…—Bob Marley (Them Belly Full- But We Hungry)
  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Guy Miller‘s post.
    “Perhaps the leaders of the left wing of the Democratic Party have the authority and legitimacy to get a new party started. Is 2021 the time to step up?”

    Doesn’t sound like there would be any political difference between the mainstream Demi-shits and their New Demi-Shit party.

    AND you wanna wait til 2021 to get moving?????

    the oppressed & working class ought not wait for a new savior or lesser eeeeeevil to magically appear.

    the real struggles, movements in the whirlwind of this medical/ economic storm will not be at the ballot box but in communities & job sites. if the working class & oppressed aren’t triggered to move in their own defense, all our socialist, communist, anarchist conceptions need to be re examined.

    the greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.— Steve Biko

  • Gilberto de Leon reacted to Guy Miller‘s post.
    A New Party, by all means. But, if that means a primary focus on elections, it will be a dead end. Power comes through organizing on the job, at our schools, in our commuunities, and in the street.
  • Earl Silbar mentioned you in a comment.
    WTF? I agree with you two times in a row!? Bolsheviks in the Duma “ Tells that story if you can find it.
  • A good example of local actions that have larger importance? Workers across the board walking out to defend their health and safety, Mostly done by themselves and not lead by the unions if I’m right. This kind of attitude can Open the door for bigger and better things.

    Another example? workers in Lynn mass who are on the picket lines calling for work making health machinery, not airplane engines!

    Production for use, not for war profits.

But he’s the Demi-shits idea of a lesser eeeevil. Naomi Klein & Naoam Chomsky have scolded us on DNow for being spoiled brats for even contemplating voting for a non-Demi-Shit.

Sleepy Joe might lose and blame the left’s less than 1% sliver of the demographics.

Really you want folks to wait til November to initate a real fight back against the neolithic slave state’s moves against us?

NO. NO. NO… don’t wait. Push back Now. turn the defacto rent/ mortgage strike into an explicit one. demand safe working sites with proper equipment with pay for folks unable to work. demand universal health care for all…citizen, non citizen. Set the Captives Free…. By November many of our imprisoned sisters & brothers may be dead.

Anthony Fauci wants all Americans to keep practicing these two coronavirus-era habits, even when the virus is no longer a threat.
have mixed feelings on this. folks want to memorialize their visit to these places. this young man admonishes everyone else and then uses images of Auschwitz to decorate his video.

the authorities always want to dictate to us how we are to behave…i always have a problem with authority dictating behavior and threatening folks if they get out of line.

in San Antonio folks visit the Alamo & other missions, walk all over the unmarked mass graves of Native Americans without realizing it because the Authorities don’t mark the gravesites. at least in places like Auschwitz and Manzanar, folks are aware of the crimes & tragedies.

  • 'All Power! Our enemy does not have a conscious!  Panther Power!'
    All Power! Our enemy does not have a conscious! Panther Power!
  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Peggy Hotes‘s post.
    NO. NO. NO. Comrade Chomsky, Klein, Jacobin have all told us Sleepy Joe is A-Okay, practically a Pinko.

    this is a key to my attitude towards participation in selecting our class enemy’s candidate & perennial Demi-Shit “socialists”, “communists”

  • Gilberto de Leon's photo.
    Gilberto de Leon's photo.
    this morning on Democracy Now, comrade Chomsky takes the lead in resuscitating Sleepy Joe’s props… the “next best” after BS drops out.

    an avowed “anarchist”, Chomsky has voted Demi-Shit for millenia…now like the Go Clean for Gene folks in 68 who were urged to vote for Humphrey and then blamed for his “defeat”, he’s PINK-IFYING “Credit Card” Joe.

    Will DSA, former ISO’ers, SA, LeftVoice, WeKnowWhat’sUp and various BS enthusiasts who claim to be “socialists” fall for the “lesser eeeeevil” yet again????

    they’re tripping over themselves to dig their own graves. Naomi Klein gave Sleepy Joe the nod yesterday on DNow.

    My hope is that as the economic firestorm surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic mushrooms, that the oppressed of all countries will find ways to push back without waiting for our intellectual superiors to get their shit together long enough to declare themselves our “vanguard”.

    these actions will be local and seem minuscule compared to the grandiose schemes of the vanguard party advocates but will be more effective than all the dribble coming from the likes of Chomsky, Klein & Jacobin.

An interesting article. Some doctors are rethinking the use of ventilators for COVID-19 patients and advocating less invasive devices such as nasal cannulas.
  • A key historical note

  • commented on one of Earl’s post:

    many “socialists” & “communists” seem to have forgotten the difference between the 2nd International Socialists & the Bolshevik/ 3rd International socialists. the Bolsheviks ran in elections to put forward their program & gauge their support. they did not intend to administer/manage their class enemies state or help out the liberal wing of the Tsarist Duma.

    in 1914, the RSDLP (Bolsheviks & Mensheviks) won 14 seats in the Russian Duma. a drop of 5. as in many countries, the left was overwhelmed by a wave of jingoism, xenophobia, “war fever” that led to WW1. in the case of Germany (Liebknecht) & Russia, the left members of parliament were jailed for their opposition to the war.

    the “socialists” that had paraded anti-war (though not anti-colonial) views in the lead up flipped like turds on the road. ever since, 2nd int’l socialists great desire has been to be relevant, responsible enough to administer the neolithic slave state. eventually, the 3rd Int’l dominated by the “motherland” zig-zagged to that same position.

    weird that it takes an anarchist to remind y’all.

  • here’s some BS trash from Todd Chretien… of the late un-lamented, un-mentioned ISO. these butt-cheeks were primed and ready to join Bernie’s army & DSA…which they did in droves. they finally made their long desired leap from hard-line communism to Demi-Shit lite sheep-dogs.
Gilberto de Leon's photo.


The racialized impact of COVID-19 is real. All over the country cities are reporting far higher mortality rates for African Americans. #BlackLivesMatter
following the orange clown’s medical advice not like we w’d lose a cure for cancer.
'Lady Day was born this day, 1915'
Lady Day was born this day, 1915
here’s one of my favorite songs by Billie Holiday:

waiting for the neolithic slave state to side with the oppressed is a dead end. Communities need to come together and do Rent, Mortgage strikes demanding cooperative ownership & management of housing,
Occupy empty homes. this will not happen as long as folks trust the slave masters to solve their problem.

the most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. – Steve Biko

All Power! Bring the Doc home! Panther Power!
Biden’s got plenty of $$$… doubt the Demi-shits have the wherewithal/ las pelotas to do the intelligent thing.

i love offering Free Advice to D-shits who won’t take it and honestly …???… i don’t see a dime’s worth of REAL difference between the parties of my class enemy. one’s a wolf…one’s a fox. (thank Malcolm X). Sanders plays Sheep-dog.

Gilberto, I love Gabor Mate. I’ve seen him in DN with Amy Goodman. Haven’t seen the Russell Brand interviews.

Love all of them. DN whole team, Russell and Mate. All amazing people who speak truth in a bold and fierce way.

Yeah, I heard Gupta mention the other addictions. You felt he downplayed it too much? I was happy it got mentioned myself because a lot of people don’t know those other addictions are real. So I was happy he at least mentioned it.

did you catch Gupta’s tossed off aside: sugar, food’s a drug?

are you familiar with Gabor Mate. Amy Goodman & Russell Brand interview him now and then. his basic idea seems to be that “addiction” is an attempt to treat pain, trauma.


here’s a small start in my old LA neighborhood of El Sereno:

  • occupy the vacant homes & buildings is a no brainer solution…What keeps us from doing that? folks haven’t lost faith in the neolithic slave state to solve their problems. when that starts to happen… and it is beginning to happen in tiny but hopefully meaningful ways… folks will realize they gots to do for self.

    the most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.—Steven Biko

  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Phil Passen‘s post.
    we’re seeing this happen across many fronts.

    AND we are seeing folks resist, push back. this hasn’t coalesced into mass resistance…yet. i don’t think this resistance will look like the battles of the past… the drive to unionize industrial production, the civil rights & anti-war movements.

    one possibility among many is a national, international rent strike. IF as many studies have indicated working folks are living from paycheck to paycheck..or in the case of gig workers day to day.. We Can’t Pay may change to We Won’t Pay. (borrowing the title of Dario Fo’s play)

    Democracy Now has been interviewing nurses who are proposing public ownership of hospitals managed by the nurses, doctors & staff. at times like these, folks with boldest proposals get a hearing.

Democracy Now has had interviews with protesting nurses demanding protective equipment AND public ownership of hospitals managed by the workers.

none of these nurses were “official” labor leaders”… folks are stepping up but it’s not the labor lieutenants of capital that are doing so. there are exceptions and those will stand out. this pandemic & economic crisis poses the possibility that the oppressed will resist on many fronts and that these isolated examples of resistance will coalesce into mass resistance.

what’s the major obstacle blocking mass resistance? most folks are still hoping the neolithic slave state will solve their problem. IF & WHEN events trash that illusion, all bets are off.

the most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.- Steve Biko

Listened. Agree with panelist who said the various crises of Market capitalism can’t be resolved within the capitalist framework without doing great harm and damage to the 99%…working class & oppressed of the entire planet.

Beyond that i disagree with your belief that Marxism-Leninism style command parties are the obvious answer…without examining the 20th century experience with that model.

I notice a trend of command party advocates citing 19th century Marx, Engels & pre 1917 Lenin and then skipping ahead to extolling some undefined Socialism as the key to all our crises.

Socialists, communists, anarchists ought to learn from our experiences.

One of those experiences is the various unending DoftheP regimes that have tarnished the concept of Socialism and recreated societies that are not qualitatively different from the “market” neolithic slave states.

I don’t look towards the creation of a “vanguard” party that has usurped most 20th century revolutions.

I’m hoping that in struggle, the oppressed will fight their way to a societies in which collective decision making, accountability & cooperation are the norm. The promise of the Paris Commune.

  • an example of Mutual Aid and do for self attitude outlaw attitude.
  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Debra Perry‘s post.
    unlike hospitals, doctors…you don’t need to make an appointment months in advance. have a friend who had a nasty flu & pinkeye before the lockdown. called her “primary” doctor. they offered an appointment 3 weeks away. she went to an urgent care clinic. 3 weeks later…after the lockdown… the doctor’s office called and cancelled.

    this pandemic has confirmed some of my uglier views of “civilization”. the folks that we rely on the most in our daily lives are the folks at the very bottom of the pyramid. farm workers, delivery drivers, grocery store employees.

  • posted by Chicago Socialist Alternative

    most scholarly studies seem like exercises in the obvious. here’s another one.

    the problem is if we wait for the neolithic slave state to solve its problems at our expense, we will suffer greatly at their “benevolent” hands.

    as a friend of mine used to say: Man with Open Mouth will wait a long time for Fried Chicken to fall out of the sky.

  • 'throughout the last 4-6000 years, "civilization", late neolithic slave empires and their successors (market & command party states) have been dependent on slave labor on its plantations.  Ain't nothing changed....'
    throughout the last 4-6000 years, “civilization”, late neolithic slave empires and their successors (market & command party states) have been dependent on slave labor on its plantations. Ain’t nothing changed…
“Eventually, consumers could begin to see the impact of any labor shortages in the form of higher prices or shortages of products ranging from strawberries and lettuce to meat and dairy.

There’s no easy solution, but a good start would be ensuring farmworkers are able to follow effective social distancing guidelines, are wearing protective gloves and masks, and are able to get the medical care they need without fear of lost wages or deportation.”

Sure…Yes… Of course… Why Not? Because Shit rolls downhill and the slaves are at the bottom of the pit.

i was an RTD bus driver for 8 years in LA. for most of that time, i was a member of a miniscule wanna-be command party. i was instructed not to attend union meetings or meet with union activists because the “party” wasn’t ready to engage. to their credit they (the SL) did engage in other rank&file organizing in various industries.

i like Slater’s comments & outlook and hope that if necessary, they do take the initiative to shut down public transit until the buses can be retrofitted and the drivers provided with protective gear. a struggle along the lines Slater indicates w’d give the worker’s a sense of power and confidence they could manage transit more safely & rational than current management.

turn it around… war, crisis, disasters are not only opportunities for the ruling class but opportunities for the working class and oppressed…if..If…IF they seize the moment and challenge the neolithic state rule.

our enemy is pre occupied, not up to the challenge of the crisis…they’re not sure of their next move…Now’s the time to strike. if at all possible.

this is something that Lenin & the RSDLP sensed in their approach to the 1904 Russo-Japanese war & ww1. to remind folks that may not have a Russophile history, the first led to the 1905 revolution that ultimately failed & the 2nd to the “Glorious” 1917 revolution that ultimately betrayed the hope of anarchists & communists.

'throughout the last 4-6000 years, "civilization", late neolithic slave empires and their successors (market & command party states) have been dependent on slave labor on its plantations.  Ain't nothing changed....'
throughout the last 4-6000 years, “civilization”, late neolithic slave empires and their successors (market & command party states) have been dependent on slave labor on its plantations. Ain’t nothing changed….
interestingly…been to Walmart twice in the last week. i only buy as much as i can carry in my arms. both times there were more employees than customers.

two weeks ago, the place was packed. we hear that many amerikkkanos are living paycheck to paycheck. perhaps these folks are running out of $$$????

very early on in my life, i learned a golden rule: Never cross a picket line…Never cross the class line.
“But we must always keep in mind that a new class compromise is not sustainable given already-struggling capitalist profitability. A durable victory is only possible when capitalism’s strength has been broken by placing economic and political control in the hands of the oppressed, permanently.”

from what i’ve seen lately, Roar seems to be sliding away from horizontal, collective, local & community movements & is now making common platform with folk who want a “socialist” state…aka the failed and/or betrayed dofduhPs that have resulted when command party state builders have usurped the various movements.

originally, i thought they were anarchists.

Guy Miller
April 3 at 9:20 AM


“. In a sickening move, Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced an indefinite suspension of environmental rules. Essentially, the president has used the pandemic as an excuse to get rid of limits on environmental destruction.”

Absolutely spot on

Guess i don’t fawn over comrade Chomsky like my old commie cohort…even when i call him brilliant, respect him and will continue to read him. Esp true of Brother GM
Gilberto de Leon Respect Chomsky. Brilliant man….who makes No Bones bout Voting Lesser Eeeeeeevil, straight Demi-shit every chance he has. I’ll continue reading his articles, books but turn away from his Skip @ the class line tango.
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  • Guy Miller Gilberto de Leon Chomsky is a bourgeois professor, I fail to understand why anybody expects more from him than what he is. That does not mean that he doesn’t often have important insights and the ability to reach audiences beyond the insular circle of the far left.
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  • Lynn Rashkind Allen Guy Miller well said and so true.
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  • Gilberto de Leon Guy Miller my comment cites “respect” but no expectations.
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  • Guy Miller Gilberto de Leon please explain exactly what Chomsky’s belief in the electoral choice of “lesser evilism” has to do with his warning of impending environmental disaster, because, frankly, I don’t see the connection.
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  • Karl Smith I think maybe Gilberto’s point is that it’s all fine and good to warn us about planetary eco-collapse now but why then was Chomsky consistently advocating a vote for the DNC as a “lesser evil” over the last 40 years when it’s precisely their neo-liberal policies that caused this mess, in other words, it’s the typical hypocrisy of a bourgeois professor.
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  • Guy Miller Karl Smith perhaps a reminder of all the political shortcomings, of all the people one posts should be offered as a warning, similar to disclaimers for drug commercials on tv. Since, maybe, two hundred people share my world view on every political question, my posts would contain caveats of several thousand words per post. That way lies sectarian madness. There is a time and place for crossing swords with Professor Chomsky, this was not one of them. I trust my Facebook friends to reach their own conclusions.
    4/11/2020 830 am…  My…my…my but brother GM is one thin skin ideologue.  afeared of disagreement with his world outlook.  he’s always been that way.  100% correct…Sure.  Yes.  Of course.
We’ll soon find out…Some state’s have deemed Xian assemblies “essential” services.

Fortunately for me the last time i stepped into one of those charnel houses, i was tossed out.

I “sinned” against the Holy Ghost and all his mythically xrucified brethren by wearing a hat by an usher in summer shorts. my reason for refusing to doff my hat was my receding hairline and baldspots. Vanity, vanity…All is Vanity 👹

'as God demanded of the Time Bandits:  Give Back What You've Stolen!!!!  

Housing, medical care, education should not be for profit enterprises.  a pro-working class government w'd seize the opportunity to place this in the non- profit publicly owned realm.

lacking that, we gots to do it ourselves.'
as God demanded of the Time Bandits: Give Back What You’ve Stolen!!!!

Housing, medical care, education should not be for profit enterprises. a pro-working class government w’d seize the opportunity to place this in the non- profit publicly owned realm.

lacking that, we gots to do it ourselves.

'DAY 6: Jim Anderson challenged me to post 10 albums that have influenced my musical taste - one record a day for ten days. No explanation, no review, just the cover. My albums are going to go in no particular order, and each day I may or may not nominate someone to do the same.'
when i heard this, Jimi, the Doors… i said Yes…Right the Fuck ON!!!!

give the Brits credit for bringing the blues, R&B, Rock’nRoll out of the insipid media ditch it had sunk but Rock’nRoll is an Amerikkkan genre. Though in most instances i distance myself from amerikkkan exceptionalism in this case as Jimi said: Fuck it, i’m an amerikkkan.



if i’m a worker activist, i know this is the time to hit these muthas as hard as you can. not just for protection against pandemic but for sick time, layoff pay, full health benefits, bargaining rights…etc.
the SL, my old comrades pulled down the confederate flag from out front SF City Hall in 1984. Feinstein, then mayor, had it restored. The SL supporter, Richard Bradley tore it down again.

reminded of this by passing of Manolis Glezos, the Greek Resistance activist who pulled down the swastika right under the nose of the Nazi army.

Glezos passed away yesterday at age of 98.

Zulu Sharod's photo.
Zulu Sharod's photo.
Zulu Sharod's photo.
Zulu Sharod's photo.
All Power! People Power prevailed today in Bradley Court! We fed the entire projects against the wishes of the State! A good day, indeed! Panther Love!
Krzysztof Penderecki Born November 23, 1933- transitioned March 29, 2020.

Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima was composed in 1960.

less than 10 minutes long but one of the eeriest pieces of music i’ve ever heard.

social distancing is important to keep from overwhelming medical services… however viruses have a history.

in this case, it took China 2+ months from the time they started taking it seriously (mid January) to the time the curve started to flatten out. same will probably happen here.

Worse news is that Everyone will eventually come in contact with the virus. most will develop no or minor symptoms. some will develop serious symptoms and we want medical services to be available for them…possibly ourselves.

eventually humans may develop a level of immunity and we may have a vaccine. No cure. currently there is no cure for most viruses…many of them are thousands of year old.

  • commented on Guy’s post : Coronavirus is going to radicalize millenials. Phil had put in a comment. he was more concerned about “working class as a whole”. miller stated their “differences” were a matter of emphasis.

    mine are not. Guy thought Millenials had to be recruited. i wondered but didn’t say…To what? folks need to find their own manner of responding to the crisis… the marxist want to recruit activists to their project instead of allowing for an organic development of the struggle.

    doubt Guy will engage with me… i can cut the shit out of his ossified euro ass command party/state bullshit.

    there are signs that folks are using this pandemic/ economic crisis to push back.

    in my old LA neighborhood, a group of community activists and homeless (with some key union support) have occupied houses owned by Dept of Transportation/ CalTrans & are demanding all the houses be put into a trust for community and homeless. the houses were originally bought for a now abandoned freeway. CalTrans has wanted to sell them but many of the current tenants cannot afford to buy and euros are not eager to “gentrify” the area.

    this is a community action as opposed to workplace action but many of the issues faced by the oppressed are not centered in the workplace… housing, health, police, mass incarceration. some of the folks who are key to this are old lefties like us though they are being very low key.

    our class has to develop class hatred & a Class For Itself consciousness. pandemics and wars may be very useful.

    I know lefties think the slave masters will use this crisis to strengthen their chokehold but the opposite can be true. i am not a command party advocate but do recall reading Lenin & the RSDLP didn’t fret about the 1904 Russo-Japanese War or WW1 but considered them opportunities….and indeed both triggered social revolutions.
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    Risking Arrest, a Homeless Mom Occupies a Vacant Home in El Sereno During Peak Coronavirus Panic ~ L.A. TACO
    Risking Arrest, a Homeless Mom Occupies a Vacant Home in El…
    Risking Arrest, a Homeless Mom Occupies a Vacant Home in El Sereno During Peak Coronavirus Panic ~ L.A. TACO

States that currently have at least as many Covid-19 cases as New York did 10 days ago: New Jersey, California, Michigan, Massachusetts, Florida, Washington State, Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, Connecticut, Ohio. States that have at least as many cases as New York had three weeks ago: All of them.












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response to Lisa Roberts on FBook

Gilberto de Leon given that the Fed’s trillion $ transfers every 6 months are not “legislated” or on the national budget, we could have both health care & plenty of bombs. the problem is the mindset of the neolithic slave owners and the slaves. the slaves must be kept impoverished or they will not volunteer to slave for their masters.
  • Lisa Roberts Gilberto, I’m very interested in hearing more about retweet you’re talking about. I think you’re on to something. You use some language I wouldn’t it haven’t used, like neolithic slave owners. I get the slave owner part 💯, but what does the neolithic part mean or refer to?
  • Lisa, quite awhile back i realized i was no longer a command party advocate / Marxist-Leninist.

    at first this was because of the discrepancy between the promise of the communist movement and the tragedy that befell the folks, nations that followed that path. ten, fifteen years ago, i began calling myself “techinically, an anarchist”.

    i was not and am not a member of any particular anarchist tendency. i began to identify with the pre-WW1 socialist & anarchist movement. Gained a newfound respect for the labor movement led by post civil war anarchists including the Haymarket Martyrs. I model my own attitudes on Lucy Parson. though i lack her bravery.

    i began to listen to various anarchist commentators. Hakim Bey. James Scott being the main ones. Scott is an anthropologist (who is also “technically” an anarchist) who has written several works on the rise of the neolithic state. Against the Grain & Seeing Like a State.

    both have loads of YouTube videos. at first, i was rather ham fisted in my rants… perhaps i still am. lately, i realized that both Hakim Bey & Scott are more nuanced.

    the gist of my view is that the modern market capitalist state & society and what i regard it’s kissing cousin, the command party neolithic slave state are transmogrifications (evolutions) of the ancient neolithic slave state.

    since they developed the art of book keeping & writing while the paleolithic people… nomads, barbarians, tribal societies… relied on oral traditions… the neolithic slave state deemed itself “civilization” and claimed technical, social, moral superiority.

    in many ways, the command party advocates and the states they created adopted the methodology of their counter parts and have all but obliterated the views, histories of their anarchist competitors in the labor movement.

    though many of my former M-Leninist/ Trotskyst cohort characterize the anarchist left as “ultra left” or “irrelevant”,
    my main project for the past few years has been to recover that suppressed, forgotten, trivialized history.

    am i really a pure & honest anarchist. probably not. i still carry lots of M-L Trotskyst baggage & i will support movements & electoral campaigns conducted by command party types.

    my former M-L T cohort tends to avoid debate with me… probably because i know their shit better than they do and will cut them up pretty good if given the opportunity.

    Lisa… i am not all that interested in lining folks up behind my inchoate views. i am not much of an activist these days but since 1980s, have always looked for opportunities to work with others.

    i was very active in CISPES in LA in early 1980s and later in AFSCME. i did not insist on nor do i now insist on theoretical agreement as long as we can collaborate on common objectives. i prefer the model of a “responsable” that cispes borrowed from the Salvadoran Left as opposed to the “vanguard” or leadership model of the command party advocates. prefer collectives to parties.

    i have a few friends who roll their eyes when i go into my rants. don’t think they’re wrong and i try to take the hint. Thanks for asking.

    Gilberto de Leon should add by way of clarification that Neolithic & Paleolithic are terms used by anthropologists. the Paleolithic age is considered pre-history and encompasses most of the time in which humans have existed. depending on which species you consider Human, this period is anywhere from 40-60,000 years to 3.3 million years.  (see Wikipedia’s entry on the Paleolithic)

    the Neolithic age began 10-12,000 years ago. the Neolithic Slave State is considered to be around 4-5000 years old. paleolithic… tribal, nomadic, uncivilized communities co existed with the Neolithic society & states. in north amerikkka, the end of paleolithic tribes occurred in late 19th century with the defeat of last Indigenous tribes. there are remnants of the paleolithic societies but seems anthropologist don’t consider them very viable.

    another model of mine is the poet/ singer/ AIM activist, John Trudell.

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Complementary memories & thoughts…prompted by interview w/ Phil Passen & Barbara Gregorich

via When revolution was in the air: Barbara Gregorich and Phil Passen interviewed

please consider these comments as complementary to the 2016 Redline interview with Barb Gregorich & Phil Passen.  they recount their experiences in the SWP, the Class Struggle League and their subsequent life after.

my comments focus on the period after my time with various vanguard/ wanna-be-command party formations, 1967-78(?).  that initial period can be regarded as a prelude to my activities from 1980 to the present.  near the end of this article i note down some comments on my current views.


i was a YSA supporter of the Proletarian Orientation Tendency leading up to the 1971 SWP convention.  I had been in and out of the YSA since late 1967.  The first Militant Labor Forum I attended was a talk by Fred Halstead (the SWP’s presidential candidate) given along with a showing of the film Ten Days that Shook the World.  November 1967.  i was 19.  I knew of Eisenstein though i don’t think i had seen Ten Days

fast forward to 1971

By 1971, I had begun to see that the SWP/YSA were tailing the bourgeois & petty-bourgeois elements of the anti-Vietnam war movement.  I sensed that the SWP was seriously drifting away from involvement with working class struggles.  though perhaps mechanical, i thought an orientation to major industrial sites & unions might be the correction we needed.  i wrote a document making that case for the YSA convention in 1971?  early 72? that ultimately got me expelled along with the comrades in the LF.  i had never been accepted into the SWP though other comrades with less experience had been enrolled.

I was with the Class Struggle League for a short period and then joined the Spartacist League in 1974.  at their request, i moved to Los Angeles.  Remained with the SL til 1978.  by that time, as Phil & Barb noted, the energy of the anti-Vietnam war movement had dissipated, the Black Panther Party had been decimated,  many of the activists of the Black Nationalist movement had been imprisoned or had gone into exile.  other movements had disappeared or made their peace with their former enemy.

a couple of years after leaving the SL, i decided to work towards a masters degree in Urban Planning at UCLA. i first had to get a BA.  this was early 1981 and the movement against US interventions in Central America was beginning to get off the ground.

my compañera (DJ) & i organized a chapter of CISPES (the Committee In Solidarity with the People of El Salvador) at Cal State University, LA and were invited to participate in a large study circle in preparation for an LA wide CISPES central.

a major focus of that study circle was Fred Halstead’s Out Now.  that became our bible for building this new movement.   we became aware of the involvement of the Salvadoran FDR/FMLN in CISPES.  we had frequent interaction with their local & international reps and made common front in the various coalitions we became involved with.

my compañera & i had a great time.  like many of the responsables* in CISPES, we were very protective of our organization.  neither of us ever formally resigned from CISPES…that experience remains one of two great political experiences in my life…  the other one being my workplace involvement with AFSCME.

*an aside:  we learned the term responsables from our Salvadoran allies.

interestingly, Fred was now living in LA and the SWP rep at a coalition meeting set up for CISPES’s first City wide demonstration volunteered Fred to organize our marshals.  summer of 1981.

those of us at the center of CISPES regional were suspicious of the SWP but thrilled at the idea of having Fred involved.  i was assigned to monitor the initial marshall’s meeting by the regional executive committee.

Fred showed up in shorts, sloppy shirt and floppies.  looked like he hadn’t had a chance to comb his hair that day.  most of our marshals were Chicano activists from East LA & the San Fernando Valley.  that first meeting was a love fest…they had great respect for Fred and he taught them the techniques for controlling hostile elements which were utilized with great success when some Moonies attempted to disrupt our rally.  i left the meeting after 20, 30 minutes.

that first rally was chaired by Ed Asner who proved himself a great ally.  in addition, we had quite a following among the punk-rock bands of the city.   i remember going to a rally by our west side chapters and the Minutemen were the featured band with members of X & Slash of Guns&Roses in the audience.

my active involvement with CISPES ended in 1984 when i enrolled first in the Urban Planning program at Cal Poly Pomona & the following year in the Architecture & Urban Planning program at UCLA.  they’ve since separated the two fields.  by 86, 87?, i completed the course work but realized i w’d stick out like a sore thumb in the planning departments of the city, county, other agencies.  i had brief exposure to them through some internships.  later, i met fellow students whose political views were way more moderate than mine and they had bounced out of the jobs they had initially taken.

more importantly, my focus on the specific issue of public education for non-euro populations had careened into a dead end.  i did not want to write my thesis.

AFSCME Local 183

i had taken a temporary job with the local housing agency and took the exam for a full time position for Section 8 Rental Assistance eligibility interviewer, a job i had been doing for over a year.  a couple of years later, i promoted into the better paid position in our bargaining unit.  worked at the Jordan Downs housing development in Watts.   later, i was transferred back into the S8 program.  probably @ 1990.  by this time i realized i w’d not be promoted into administration/ management despite doing well on exams & interviews.  my education and political views though not overtly expressed made mgt uncomfortable.

i had joined the union asap but had not been active.  i came under scrutiny and into conflict with management at a time when the local union leadership seemed to have gotten very cozy with mgt.  i posted flyers anonymously criticizing this relationship. at the time i had a flair for undercover operations…though ineffective.

fortunately, for me, a union activist with deep roots in the workforce and with experience as an opposition in the local, Sylvena P ran to oust the leadership that had been taking a dive.  the business rep was quietly partial to her.

i should add that i met the business rep when i was accused of assaulting the Assistant Director of S8.  i was eventually given 5 days off without pay…which was later reduced to 3 days without pay.  highly unlikely if mgt had really believed i assaulted her which pissed her off no end.  and i earned the undying hatred of most of middle level management.

soon after, i trained and became a steward.  turned out Ms P and i were the only stewards the local had.   She asked if i w’d be the local secretary.   at first very few folks showed up at our meetings.  membership was voluntary.  gradually we signed up more than half of our bargaining unit to pay dues voluntarily.    mgt had gotten used to simply imposing agreements on our bargaining unit which was the bulk of the agency’s employees.   Sylvena changed that and mgt had to actually negotiate.

as we continued to grow our activities & dues base, mgt fought back.  as it turned out, not very effectively.   we found that we were better informed than many in mgt about goings on in the agency and even among admin/mgt inner circles.  members w’d secretly inform us of mgt meetings, plans and Sylvena & i were visiting members throughout the agency.

many departments received their first visit from a union rep when we either visited or went to a department to represent an employee in a disciplinary hearing or grievance.  members began to prefer that Sylvena & i represent them…non members were advised to sign up.

my previous experiences in the anti-war movement, the Chicano nationalist movement, the YSA, SL & CISPES informed my activity in AFSCME.  we had to respond to many interesting organizational, personnel difficulties and political issues.

at one point, i felt  compelled to resign from our E-Board after i questioned the business agent’s (not the one i had originally met) extremely poor judgement that resulted in our then Vice President (Sybil M) being fired.

Sylvena respected my principled stance.  she had similar misgiving about the BA’s role and w’d not allow me to shirk my duties on the negotiations committee.  after the dust settled a bit…a couple of weeks actually… she asked me to fill the Vice President position and we replaced the BA.  a major vote of confidence.   i remained VP til i retired in 2007.

took over 3 years but we eventually won Sybil M’s reinstatement.  AFSCME lawyers took it all the way to the federal district Court that met in the plushest court-room i’ve ever seen located in the Ronald Reagan state building.  the court handed down an ambiguous ruling.  not an outright reinstatement but mgt was willing to appease us and offered to reinstate Sybil but without back-pay or lost seniority.  we consulted with her before accepting.  Sybil no longer wanted to be on the board though she was still our friend and ally.

with Sylvena leading the way, our local won Agency Fee (meaning even non-members had to pay the equivalent of union dues).  We gained enough raises that when i left, our top salary was over 60K.  When we had an opening to make major gains, we struck hard.  at one point mgt was forced to convert 60-80 very low paid employees being worked “out of class” into permanent employees earning 8-10,000$ more annually.  we withdrew an unfair labor practices with the NLRB as our part of the bargain.

we gained a major increase in our retirement factor.  from 2.0% to 2.7%.  this increased our pensions by over 1/3.  in my case, my initial pension went from 1200 to over 1800 a month…now much more.   thank you Sylvena.

we became involved in activities and decisions being made by the AFSCME District Council.  Sylvena though from a small local would serve a couple of terms as President of the District Council that included LA & San Diego.  she was instrumental in saving the AFSCME building located in LA’s Wilshire district and turning it into a money maker.  very important because the property values in that area rose very quickly.  she did this in opposition to the state and national officers who advised us to dump the property and realize a short term respite.  Sy lvena and the District Council refused.

existen mujeres

for some reason…i’m not quite sure what psychological, social factors were at play…. both my experiences at CISPES and AFSCME were in alliance with very strong, charismatic women.  CISPES regional was led by Angela Sambrano who later became the national chair of CISPES.  Later, she was head of the Archbishop Romero Clinic, a major Salvadoran agency in LA & was instrumental in the organizing of the huge immigrant rights demonstrations in 2006.  i’ve already given an indication of my partnership w/ Sylvena in AFSCME.  my compañera, DJ turned out to be a great negotiator and eventually became president of her SEIU local at the CA Department of Transportation.

**** an aside:  DJ sez that when she’s in a confrontational situation she recites a mantra:  I’m Gilbert…i’m Gilbert.  i laugh but she tells me it’s because that she had seen how implacable i could be in some of the political confrontations we became involved with over the years.  i didn’t realize i could be so fierce…but i’ll take it as a compliment.

admiration for union activists

my time in AFSCME gave me a much more positive appreciation of union activists.   on many occasions, we asked our union brothers in other locals to assist us with picket lines, demos, board meetings, etc…and they came through for us.  we reciprocated as best we could.  i also ran into others like myself… socialists who were no longer in party formations putting their shoulder to the wheel where they were.

i recall passing a strong anti-Iraq war resolution at a state …?… convention.  despite the efforts of some to water it down, those of us with socialist backgrounds refused.  despite this difference, there was no nasty or hurt feelings.  we sensed that though folks may disagree, we had to be there for each other.

though i absolutely disagree with unions being foot soldiers for the Demi-shits, i have great admiration for the activists who are the backbone of unions in amerikkka.

looking back, i don’t understand the unwillingness of many communist activists in party formations to take on the tasks of a local union activists…stewards, local officers, negotiation committees, etc.  that was certainly not the case for earlier sets of anarchist, socialists & communists.

unions are the only existing struggle organizations of our class.  yes, they are imperfect and in a more intense political or revolutionary situation will have to be superseded by wider formations but they are one of the few settings for those of us who want to lead our class to earn our co workers trust.

a tremendous additional benefit to being involved in one’s local union is that you are way better informed of upcoming mgt moves than co workers who ignore the union.  i learned a great deal about personnel rules, limits on mgt prerogatives and of course upcoming changes in salaries, retirement issues, pensions.

being a steward and E-board member, i, also, heard more chisme than i ever wanted to hear.  at times, i w’d tell the business rep to leave out the sordid details…though my E-board members were eager to hear them or i w’d leave the meeting for a bit if the details got too prurient for my sensitive ears.

later… modifications of my ideological outlook

once i left the Spartacist League in 1978, i no longer considered myself technically a communist/ marxist leninist/ trotskyst.  to be one, i thought you had to be in a party formation.  BUT i held to much of the politics, insights gained during that period of my political development.

after retirement, i surprised myself when i began to review the assumptions i had adopted way back when i was barely 20 years old.  i did something similar with my moral & spiritual assumptions.  these comments are focused on the changes in my political.. theoretical? … assumptions.

while in CISPES & AFSCME, i and other responsables made collective decisions.  the importance was given to the collective not to outside entities.  in fact, we were very protective of CISPES and AFSCME and w’d not allow others to make decisions for us.

in AFSCME, we w’dn’t even allow the Ex-Director of the Council to over-ride our local’s decisions.  she sometimes complained that we were a tougher to deal with than mgt.  we took that as a compliment.

though i supported armed insurrections in various countries, i no longer thought armed struggle was the end all and be all of struggles in 3rd world countries.  i had seen way too many small guerrilla forces without popular support simply set their militants up for destruction.  i sensed that was the major mistake that Che made in Bolivia.  the armed element had to arise naturally, organically from the overall struggle to win over the working classes & allies.

the left had to gain popular support, hegemony in coalitions with civil society forces.

i read & agreed with Edward Said on Palestine…there was a need for a civil society movement.  the armed resistance of the PLO, PFLP, DPFLP though admirable and deserving of support against the Israeli slave state did not make the gains we hoped for.  BDS is an unarmed civil society movement that spooks the shit out of the zionist-apartheid state.  Wish Said were still around.

i began to realize that it was possible & desirable to avoid full scale civil war by gaining consensus on the removal of an existing regime.  this consensus and the inflicting of significant military defeats on the regimes give the insurrectionists a sense of overwhelming force.  when faced with this overwhelming force, puppet regimes often disintegrate…with every one making a run for it, swimming to safe haven in amerikkka.

i reviewed and revised my sense of the 1917 Russian Revolution.  the Bolshevik RSDLP did not take political power at the end of a full scale civil war…though it was at the end of destructive, brutal war with Germany which resulted in the collapse of the Tsarist army & regime.  neither Petrograd or Moscow were besieged or occupied by the German forces.

civil war was forced on the Bolshevik regime and Russian society in general by the machinations, interventions of foreign powers after 1917.  on some level, the Soviets with the Bolsheviks at their head had the political support or at least, the tolerance of most of Russian society.

***(an aside) a few years ago, i got confirmation of this in Lars Lih’s Bread and Authority in Russia, 1917-21.  around the same time, i re-discovered the Bolshevik & anarchist oppositions that were repressed or co opted by the Russian “worker’s government”.  in it he notes that the peasant population accepted, adopted the Red Army as theirs and deserving of loyalty & special treatment.  Nationalistic sentiments that were very important for the Bolsheviks eventual triumph.      ***

the initial triumphs of the Cuban & Nicaraguan revolution though involving military confrontation were gained without prolonged & savage civil wars… the guerrilla forces assembled an overwhelming coalition.  multi class but overwhelming.  the class interests of the various elements were sorted out post-victory.

the Salvadoran FMLN accepted a negotiated truce that allowed them to eventually gain a plurality in parliament & the presidency.  the victory of ANC in South Africa followed a similar pattern.

i give great credit to Cuba’s military support for the freedom fighters of the area.  when the SA apartheid regime realized it could not defeat the ANC and its allies, they released Mandela and negotiated a transfer of power.

these processes have not resulted in what i as a communist w’d call socialism.  in many cases, they didn’t result in what the M-L’s, Trotskysts w’d call a “worker’s state” or a “socialist” state.

they did avoid full scale civil war.  were the gains significantly different in nations that did go through a full scale civil war?  i don”t think so…though there is room for argument.

China, Vietnam went through prolonged, massively destructive civil wars.  the result was states, societies dominated by command parties that claimed they were building socialist societies.

How?  by adopting the industrialization, massive agricultural and infrastructure projects that characterize the market-capitalist nations.  given the ground to be made up, great discipline and sacrifice, repression had to be visited on the toiling masses.

How?  armed bodies of men above & beyond the control or accountability of working class citizens.  prisons for un-reconciled elements.  control of education, propaganda, mobility, family structures & relationships and of course, political & economic decision making.  the special oppression of women & ethnic & social minorities was reproduced by societies that claimed they intended to eradicate such oppression…eventually.

or claimed these obvious defects didn’t exist.  who you gonna believe?  the neolithic slave state or your lying eyes?

i began to doubt the command party model of insurrection/regime change & socialism.

it was claimed by the M-L-T theorists that only a vanguard party could lead the the working & allied classes to victory over a capitalist regime.

this is historically inaccurate.

aside from the 1917 Bolshevik seizure of power, that has not been the model for successful seizures of power.  many formations can lead the struggle for political power, regime change.  simply citing various revolutions makes this clear:  the Russian seizure of eastern Europe after WW2.  (though in most of the countries involved, there were native partisan forces that sided with the Russians.)  the victory of the PLA in China.  the Cuban, Nicaraguan revolutions.  we have not had a worker’s regime in the advanced capitalist country despite the existence of mass based socialist or communist parties.

seizures of political power, regime change are not rare…but they have not resulted in the type of society that we claim is our ideal, our vision for a just society.

social revolutions are not a moment, a day on the calendar but a long process.  unfortunately, it’s now clear that regimes that today claim or yesterday claimed they were building the basis of socialism despite obvious defects have in fact failed or have yet to succeed.

technically, i’m a commie-anarchist… i guess

i now consider myself technically an anarchist.

unlike many of my cohort of leftists comrades from the 60s, 70s, i no longer consider modern capitalism to be qualitatively different from previous neolithic slave states.  that model has been in existence for over 10,000 years.  it’s main characteristics were and remain large scale agriculture and infrastructure projects that requires slave gathering and tremendous efforts to coerce and control the slaves.

neither the “market-capitalist” societies or their command party counterparts are likely  to gain us the equality, freedom from want & oppression that we hoped for mankind’s future.*  both claim that sometime in the future, life for all of us will improve or that this opportunity will be available to all.  experience has shown us that this is propaganda.  don’t hold your breath.

*****an aside.  this hope for mankind’s future en que tendremos pa’ toítos
Abrigo, pan y amistad (Victor Jara’s Ni chicha Ni Limona) is a hope present day socialists, communist, anarchist share with many ancient spiritual traditions.  yes these hopes are utopian….Y Que?

taoist, hindus, buddhist, xians, etc… many others hope for a life where we share and take care of each other.  that is a paleolithic ideal.  Sadly, euro-materialist use the term utopian with contempt.******

these two “divergent” state dominated societies share the neolithic slave state model.  in the early days of the neolithic slave state… which developed nearly simultaneously on all continents… the slave states were tiny enclaves, towns, villages in comparison to modern day mega-cities.

these neolithic slave state enclaves existed within a vast paleolithic landscape inhabited by folks that didn’t want to be enslaved in the large scale mono-crop plantations, building the infrastructures to maintain the plantations and prison settlements called towns , being raped by the slave masters and if the children survived being raped in turn and sold off…

the tiny enclaves called themselves empires and came into existence only to be superseded by more aggressive slave gathering states.

they were technologically backward and had to engage in constant slave collecting campaigns to replace the resident populations often decimated by the epidemics that resulted with the bringing in of newly enslaved men, women, children forced to travel long distances with little care for their well being  & the neolithic proximity to domesticated animals and their diseases.  slaves by definition had to secured, guarded, coerced, beaten, fed…and runaway slaves had to be hunted and/or replaced.  armed bodies of men were organized, nurtured for this task.  in the modern era, these slave patrols are called “police”, “sheriff”, prison guards, etc.

slaves had been ripped from the paleolithic …tribal, hunting, foraging societies that roamed and cared for their territory in symbiotic relationship with nature.  these were  similar to Native Americans prior to the euro invasions.  the slaves knew they could return to that un-civilized mode of life by running into the forests, swamps, the hills just beyond the authority of the slave states.  Natives migrated away from the eastern shores of North, Central & South America to put some distance between themselves and the onrushing euros.

Maroon communities of runaway African slaves & Native American allies existed up to the time of the amerikkkan civil war.  setting up refuge in the swamps of Florida, Virginia, South Carolina…  these communities had been resisting, fighting euro-slave catchers since the establishment of the amerikkkan slave society.

at the onset of the amerikkkan civil war, the Africans saw their opportunity and joined up with the union armies en masse.  their participation in the military assaults of the north, the general work stoppage of the African plantation slaves and the mass desertion caused by the Confederacy’s 20 slave rule led to the defeat of the confederacy.

***interestingly, this is dramatically presented in a recent film, The Free State of Jones.  Mathew McConaughey stars.***

after the end of the euro-civil war, some of the former Maroons remained in the union army and turned into the worse enemies of the Native Americans.  they were called Buffalo Soldiers.

it wasn’t until the 20th century that the neolithic slave states …having per-mutated over 10,000 years… dominated, monopolized the entire earth.  the swamps were drained.  the forests decimated.  roads criss crossed everywhere.  some small elements of the tribal/ paleolithic groups survive though now on the edge of extinction.

now…at the beginning of the 21st century, the command &  market neolithic slave states have gathered a vast arsenal of weapons, techniques of surveillance & repression to control their populations.  they’ve partitioned the earth and have plans to colonize the moon.

the slave populations fleeing drought, famine, ethnic cleansing, drug wars, gender violence find passage to safe refuge is not possible.  in migration of folks is strictly controlled.  workers are used and discarded as agricultural, mineral extraction, infrastructure project slaves…sometimes chattel, sometimes wage slaves.  the modern slave state no longer pretends to feed, shelter or clothe their slaves.

the conditions of servitude for many of our working class brothers and sisters today are near identical to the slavery of the early neolithic slave states.these conditions of servitude are the dna of the neolithic slave state society.

why is this not slavery?  some on the left may say Well, if the masters don’t call it slavery, we shouldn’t either. isn’t that progress?  NO, comrades that’s denial.

how is mass incarceration of African Americans different from chattel slavery?  the detention and incarceration of migrants at the border?  the sexual assaults & enslavement of women?  the impoverishment of oppressed minorities is at an unheard, unseen level.  the never ending robbing of Native Americans of their land and resources.  the contamination of the water supply continues.  the air we all breath, the water we drink is poisoned.

some on the socialist left hold onto the hope that the existing command party slave states will eventually fulfill the promise of socialism.  they point to the industrialization, mechanization of agriculture, etc.  but are unable to indicate how these features of the command party slave states are qualitatively different from the features of the market slave states they disparagingly refer to as capitalist or feudal or ancient.

they claim the worker’s will benefit…eventually…incrementally.  but as many postings on Facebook illustrate, the slave masters benefit massively at our expense right now!.

perhaps… quizas… down the road…in a hundred…perhaps two hundred years…  perhaps a millenia… the sycophants of russian, cuban or chinese style socialism tell us we will have the society we and many before us hoped for.


in conclusion…

obviously this isn’t a complete review of the history of the neolithic slave states nor are these ideas original with me.  nor is it a full re telling of my own experiences in the various movement.

friends who witnessed some of the events will note how much i left out.  writers will understand that we select incidents to make sense of our story.

i’ve mentioned Lars Lih’s Bread and Authority in Russia.  Lih is a socialist… perhaps a partisan of one or the another command party state.  Not an anarchist.

i am technically an anarchist though not a participant or supporter of any of the countless anarchist tendencies.  further, i don’t pretend that because now and then i show up at a demo or meeting that i’m an activist.  unfortunately, the path towards my utopia is very uncertain.

i do feel a sense of kinship with imprisoned or recently released comrades of the Black Panther Party & other political prisoners.  these comrades were treated to a brutal repression that was not visited on the euro-left.

the main outlines of my views on the development & continuation of the neolithic slave state model is borrowed from James C. Scott’s Seeing Like a State & Against the Grain.

some of my cohort of former comrades have objected to the use of the designation neolithic slave states.  sorry…but if it looks, acts, breathes like a neolithic slave state other terms are sugar coating or mis-direction.

others have objected to the term wage slave.  this was the term used by the socialist and anarchist movement for the working class in the uskkka after the civil war up to end of WW1.  it’s vivid in a way that euro-scientific terms like proletariat ain’t.

i’m not interested in prettifying the conditions of oppression & repression in the panopticon neolithic slave state & i still want a society characterized by the ancient anarcho-socialist-utopian slogan:  from each according to their ability…to each according to their need.

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The Struggle Against Fascism Begins with the Struggle Against Bolshevism

this was posted by WPress blog, Slow Burning Fuse.  Describes itself as an “atheisitic anarchistic scorcher”.


remember reading Ruhle’s bio of Karl Marx when i was still a young Trotskyst (SWP/YSA) and unaware of council communism, left critiques of Lenin & Bolsheviks.  for a while…???.. i have been interested in the evolution of the neolithic slave state… and consider modern “market” capitalism & command party states as permutations of the neolithic state.

as i began seeing the various movements, revolutions in this manner, i ran into James C. Scott’s Seeing Like a State & Against the Grain.

i’m not as driven as i was as young man to research subjects that i’m interested in…only now and then do find info, resources that hold my interest.  don’t feel i need to resolve all the issues that confound, confuse me and others.  i don’t proselytize.  i do want to clarify some of these issues while realizing that folks like Ruhle, left communists, anarchists of various tendencies will probably not gain the following, resources to accomplish our utopian ideal:  from each according to their ability…to each according to their need.

despite that pessimistic???  realistic??? view, the ideal …inherited from all spiritual traditions.. remains valuable & desirable.




via The Struggle Against Fascism Begins with the Struggle Against Bolshevism

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China, Philippines to Cooperate on Oil, Gas Exploitation in Disputed Sea

an ascending power (China) facing off against an established one…great danger. especially given that the established one’s go to tactic is military force. which though very destructive has a poor track record. the usna’s failure in Vietnam has been followed by several unending attempts at subduing various nations. on a casualty basis, the us military is unsurpassed but has gained very little politically though it does keep their “enemies” busy just trying to survive.

Tiananmen's Tremendous Achievements

SCMP says in its report “China-Philippine relations ‘never been better’, says ex-president Gloria Arroyo” that during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s just finished visit to the Philippines, the two countries signed 29 deals including a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on oil and gas development in the South China Sea.

Preceding his visit to the Philippines, Xi visited Brunei and agreed with it “on further win-win cooperation in exploiting oil and gas resources in the disputed South China Sea”, according to SCMP’s report “China and Brunei to step up oil and gas development in disputed South China Sea” on November 19.

I said in my comment on SCMP’s that report titled “China Solving South China Sea Disputes by Oil, Gas Exploitation Cooperation” on November 20:

Xi is to visit the Philippines today and may conclude some agreement on cooperation in exploiting oil and gas with the Philippines. As Vietnam and Malaysia…

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Climate Change Action Would Kill Imperialism

Thoughtful encapsulation of our dilemma.



Climate Change Action Would Kill Imperialism

Climate change action would kill imperialism, and that is why we can’t have it in America.

American political power is based on fossil fuels, and the US military is the engine that consumes those fuels to produce that power. So long as there is an American political elite that craves lucrative personal prestige and the ability to dominate internationally, the US economy will be fossil-fueled capitalism that maintains the military colossus that enables and protects those elite ambitions.

US military-enabled imperial power is of two varieties:

first: the hard power that overtly invades and seeks to control territory to impose American capitalist domination, as for example capturing pipeline routes south through Afghanistan and Pakistan – away from China – out of Central Asian oil fields; the guarding of sea lanes crucial for petroleum transport west, as at Suez and the Strait of Hormuz…

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note on the 10,000 year slave state project

No more “slave” labor? so, i’ve been informed.

i use the the terms “slave” state, wage slaves, slave state parties…demi-shits, republic-rats and some… all?… my FB friends scratch their heads.  WTF?

most of us share a background of M-L Trotskyism.

we shared nearby limbs of that political tree when i, we were much younger. over the course of decades, we traveled similar though not identical paths. few have become out and out right wingers… though a few cross the class line… for “good” causes they tell themselves.

as an avowed socialist/communist immersed in the M-L-T milieu, i regarded capitalism, colonialism, imperialism as a recent phenomena…perhaps stretching back to the industrial revolution of the 19th century, the colonialism of the late 15th, early 16th centuries…perhaps back to the mercantile capitalism of 13th, 14th century european city states.

our, my project was to remove the capitalist class from the commanding heights of the economy & society.  in our version of that, we w’d create a mega-state that we (following the M-L-T tradition) designated a “worker’s state”, the “dictatorship of the proletariat” that w’d be “temporary”, a bridge to a society where we w’d realize our vision (which i still regard as wonderfully utopian) of “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need“.
this served as my ideological mind set for most of my adult life.  when i regarded the anarchist views of the state as the source of our oppression, i dismissed them without much concern…after all Marx, Engels, the 2nd Int’l had expelled them from their midst way back when.  and we/i idolized the Russian Revolution model for the future…and everything nasty in that was a necessary evil.  (to paraphrase Pangloss in Candide).

leap ahead 40, 50 years…as a friend of mine said “man with mouth open will wait a long time for a crust of bread to fall out of the sky into his mouth”.

simply put…100 years after the RR, i’ve entered a period of re assessment.


have  i abandoned my hostility towards the capitalist class and it’s war mongering ways?  NO.
have i abandoned my concern for my fellow toilers…the humanity that i* …sometimes… identify with?  NO.  in most cases, i’m far to the left of most of my former comrades.
(*following in the buddhist tradition, the concept of I is a dubious one.)


what has changed?

i’ve examined the views of my youth regarding the history of capitalism, oppression.  this oppression is not a recent…19th or 15th or 13th century european creation.

i now take a longer view and link slavery to the transition from the paleolithic life of humanoids to settlement agriculture, generally called the neolithic.  that takes us back to the origins of the “slave” state…in various regions of the world.  6-10,000 years ago.

reading James C. Scott’s against the grain & seeing like a state, i realized that the history of the last 10,000 years of humanoid existence is the history of the neolithic settlement state project of enslaving those that refused to bow their heads and work their fields and industries for them.  the wars described in various regions…europe, asia, the american continent, africa …were rarely wars of extermination but slave grabbing expeditions.  often the defeated party…another slave state agricultural settlement, sometimes paleolithic tribes… suffered or rendered slaves to the winning party to temporarily end the conflict.

there were many permutations of this over the course of 10,000 years…

though the settlement slave states claimed all the earth…the euro colonists did not invent those type of claims for the new world…in fact, the neolithic state was geographically circumscribed, usually to its own city walls for most of history.  the claims, however, are as old  as the neolithic town/city slave states.  for most of history, these claims were grandiosely farcical.

the history of self claimed and historically designated “empires” is one of expanding their supply of slaves for their large agricultural projects.  these projects often required large scale infrastructure to progress…think Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, the Aztec & Inca projects on this side of the Atlantic.

if an “empire” achieved scale, they could enslave whole peoples for their project.  the Roman empire transformed Egypt into its breadbasket.  we see that in the modern age, with China and much of SE Asia transformed into industrial goods producers for American and European corporations & their markets.

i realized that the modern capitalist state & the states created on the Russian model were continuations of the neolithic slave state project

i’m not interested in convincing others of this insight AND i can make common cause with them on short term projects…while rejecting on a theoretical level…what i now regard as their …no longer shared by me… end vision of a new, “better” slave state.

most of them w’d grudgingly agree that the RR & it’s progeny have not resulted in the democracies or freedoms we all hoped for.  they can explain…..???

i, also, hoped there was a “reasonable, convincing” explanation.

as a young adult facing the Vietnam War, institutionalized racism, vicious colonialism, a farcically limited “democracy”, etc, i did not accept the rationalizations offered for capitalism.

i’m not a kid…perhaps never was…and i now take a longer view of the history of our oppression and agree with Scott (who’s not an avowed anarchist) and with avowed anarchists that the source of our oppression and exploitation is the slave state.  the modern panopticon, all intrusive slave state has the dna of the ancient neolithic agricultural slave state regardless of its claims to have “progressed” or the various name changes it gives itself or are given by its “enemies”… historians, ideologues or competitor states.

the history of humanoids & the neolithic slave state… of which capitalist and the industrial proletariat is a subset… is the history of paleolithic people …the world’s population of humanoids… avoiding and if captured escaping from the slave-toil intended for them by the neolithic slave state.

this realization has parallel components ideologically…for me.  though i am not familiar with the anarchist tendencies…and as with the command party tendencies, they are legion… i now question many of my previously held M-L-T concepts.  the command party model of participation in political activity and it’s vision of a command party state are no longer desirable.

so how can leftists, wanna be revolutionaries proceed?  there are other models.  none have realized the utopia we/i desire.

if we study previous slave state empires we can see their collapse is caused by war, drought, famine, pestilence…and the fleeing of their populations.

we see this in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, the middle east in general, central america with segments of the population attempting to escape.  the dominant slave states have been largely successful in cutting of their attempts.

where, when, how will this end?  in favor of the slave states or the would be Maroons?

time will tell…you think you’re in heaven but you’re living in hell.  –  Bob Marley


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FB comments…the neolithic slave state…does the use of this concept make me an “anarchist” & how is that a bad thing?

thought i w’d archive some of my recent FB comments here.  i had been taking screenshots but realize they are more accessible here.  in some cases, posts & comments are deleted on FB.  i’m hoping that despite that these archived comments will survive.  and when i change computers…which seems to happen every few years, i don’t lose my archived material…  unless…of course… we lose the internet.  i’ll keep adding as i go along…

from August 28 (at bottom) to October 6, 2018…


  • limiting an analysis of women’s oppression to the period of modern capitalism as most marxistas do is tunnel vision. the origins of women’s oppression was the growth of the neolithic (large scale sedentary agriculture) and it’s slave collection state. this began 6-10,000 years ago on various continents.

    though it took 6-10,000 years for early neolithic settlements to metastasize into the modern industrial/agricultural capitalism we’ve seen since the industrial revolution, in all instances where property values became key to large scale ownership of land, the matriarchal family model was forcibly, brutally replaced by the sexual slavery that we call “patriarchy”. imo, it’s necessary to extend our time frame otherwise our analysis is extremely incomplete.

    (see James C. Scott’s “Against the Grain” & “Seeing like a State”)


  • Gilberto de Leon commented on his own post.

    Oct 05, 2018 8:47am

    i know many …not all.. of us are comfortable and prefer “nice”… our concerns for the “other” are neatly parceled. we don’t think it can happen here…

    though it has. the enslavement & genocide that characterized the invasion of this continent began 500 years ago. it was quickly followed by the importing of millions of Africans into slavery for 400 years. the current wave of incarceration & criminalizing of refugees from zones of conflict are causes for great concern. who’s next?

  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Doug Nielson‘s post.
    i know, i know i’m beating a dead horse but “organized” labor bureaucracies have collected millions upon millions of dues from their wage slave membership and failed to do the necessary organizing while showering their favorite slave party with our $. now they’re mouthing “organize” rhetoric to make sure they’re at the head of the parade and remain useful to their slave masters.



there is a difference between hostile participation/ attempted “takeover” of a political party and a friendly “takeover”. in a hostile takeover, a group can run a candidate who if he/she loses, w’d refuse to endorse the eventual winner. in friendly participation….a sheep-dogging operation ala Sanders… a candidate runs, loses and then endorse his/her opponent.

though i w’d be leery of voting in a slave party pr

imary, i c’d see the value of hostile participation. that’s not what we see from Bernie or the DSA…their participation in demi-shit primaries seems genuinely friendly.

this insight …shared by anarchists & marxist-leninists can be expanded to the whole history of the neolithic slave state…in its various incarnations and transformations. we are still living in the neolitihic….settlement society around industrialized agriculture coupled with a slave catching or holding state. over the course of 10,000 years that project has overwhelmed all other cultures, ways of living. these “other” ways are demonized as barbarian, un-civilized, nomadic by the slave empires. in theory, it may be possible to create an egalitarian society based on industrialism. in theory….

must admit i’ve only read one or two books by Bookchin that i only vaguel

y recall. on my study list after i finish Richard Manning’s “Against the Grain/how agriculture has hijacked civilization”.
this concern for apologies is rhetorical. i understand that while knowing that the slave master’s churches aren’t interested or compelled to apologize to the slaves.


when i first arrived in LA, the mid 1970’s, it had the well-deserved reputation as an anti-union town.

in the late 90’s & first decade of this century that changed…spearheading that change was Unite Here and JOIN unions…hotel service workers & janitors had a high number of Central American immigrants with a high level of political consciousness & organization. some of the same activists that i had associated with in the 1980’s in the anti-war movements around El Salvador & Nicaragua were ctive in these union drives.

at one point, they had a massive march from downtown LA to Century City that had the character of a general strike. supporters all along the way turned out to cheer them on. it was a major turning point for LA labor movement.

  • this insight …shared by anarchists & marxist-leninists can be expanded to the whole history of the neolithic slave state…in its various incarnations and transformations. we are still living in the neolitihic….settlement society around industrialized agriculture coupled with a slave catching or holding state. over the course of 10,000 years that project has overwhelmed all other cultures, w See More
  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Mitch Sotelo‘s post.

    there is a difference between hostile participation/ attempted “takeover” of a political party and a friendly “takeover”. in a hostile takeover, a group can run a candidate who if he/she loses, w’d refuse to endorse the eventual winner. in friendly participation….a sheep-dogging operation ala Sanders… a candidate runs, loses and then endorse his/her opponent.

    though i w’d be leery of voting in a slave party primary, i c’d see the value of hostile participation. that’s not what we see from Bernie or the DSA…their participation in demi-shit primaries seems genuinely friendly.

  • this concern for apologies is rhetorical. i understand that while knowing that the slave master’s churches aren’t interested or compelled to apologize to the slaves.



  • i thought “we” were the anti-war left…whichever side the “left” took, its main feature seems to be its irrelevance. tragic for the Syrians fighting Assad. and we’ve made a very poor showing in building solidarity. are there explanations for this? yes…
  • Gilberto de Leon replied to his own comment.
    don’t know much about UE though i’ve attended a couple of leftist sponsored events there. do know that the CRFEductors led Chicago Teachers Union supported the demi-can Quinn for re-election. are they supporting Pritzker this go ’round? i also know that my alma mater union, AFSCME gives tens of million of membership dues$ to the demi-shit slave party…doesn’t quite fit in with an un-critical assessment of unions current role.


in the 60’s and after, many of us on the left were very proud of identifying with our “national”, “racial”, “ethnic” identities while at the same time praising “internationalism”. often both seemed legitimately leftist. unless looked at carefully. in most cases, these designations are “imaginary” even if the impetus is “progressive”.

i deeply regret i didn’t read “Imagined Communities” by Benedict Anderson when it was first published. w’d have cleared up some of my confusion.

Bono Meets Dr. Shock

a few years ago, i learned that one of my comrades in the SL…a very accomplished economist & professor when i knew her in the early to mid 1970’s went on to be part of Jeffrey Sachs team “assisting” the collapsed USSR. she was on the SL’s central committee at the time i left the SL.

no telling where folks will wander after leaving ORO’s (ostensibly revolutionary organizations- an SL term)…


  • when unions were organizing the unorganized industrial working class…yes… since the ouster of the socialists & communists in the late 1940s, 1950s ??? almost without exception, the labor bureaucrats have managed to squat on any labor insurgency while milking the membership like cash cows.


  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Debra Perry‘s post.
    not a great believer in good/evil but agree “goodness” …however you see it… is its own reward.
  • Ocasio Takes A Dive!

    i have a knee jerk reaction to any politico running in a slave party primary…and unfortunately, that reaction has never been incorrect. there are instances where i’ve said if so and so pushes single payer/ medicare for all, i will cross the class line to vote for them. never had to.

    i think it was Melody Roberts who posted an article from ISR (???) recounting the history of the socialist hostile takeover of the Demi-cans in Minnesota in the 1930’s, 40’s. they w’d run in their primary but refuse to endorse the winner if their class enemy won. DSA has a friendly, kiss-ass takeover where they mainly capture themselves.


  • Gilberto de Leon commented on David I. Walsh‘s post.
    funny but… in actuality, the billionaires have underlings in their slave party to put out the bs that the slaves eat up with a spoon. of course, those of us on the left regard this slave compliance as false consciousness.
  • this from Simcha Fisher’s article: “Hell, I fell for that with Anita Hill. I let them convince me that Clarence Thomas was the savior we needed to put this country to rights, and that this trashy, unhinged woman was just sniffing around him looking for glory, probably paid off by some secret politics operatives to make up a story that didn’t even sound true”.

    i doubt very much that this nomination by Trump will cause his “base” to bolt. the majority of white women voted for him as opposed to the demi-shit. this was especially helpful in the swing states he needed.

    what this will do is motivate the 45-55% of the voters that oppose him.
    this % is unevenly distributed and will not help the dem’s much in the upcoming slave state election.


  • 'Don't forget to register! We're getting close to capacity! We are lucky to have Bill Bianchi walk us through the House bill, HR 676, Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act.  Bill Bianchi, a member of Jane Addams Senior Caucus, has served on the Illinois Single-Payer Coalition board for over 5 years, and he’s been active in the Single payer movement since 2007. He is helping to develop a comprehensive report on the ramifications of the current healthcare system and single-payer. Bill also served as the state coordinator of Progressive Democrats of America and on the national training team for the Sierra Club. Professionally, Bill has been a high school English teacher and a developer of customized training programs for businesses and nonprofit organizations. He lives in Chicago with wife Judith and two dogs.'

    faith in the demi-shit wing of the slave state’s party… pardon me, the progressive demi-shits…is what has us up a shit creek.

    Obama was for single payer… before he was elected. oh? wasn’t he a progressive demi-shit?


  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Eric Draitser‘s post.

    heard someone say so&so’s government killed its own people to which i responded “all governments kill their own people” that’s the slave state’s alternative to slavery. here we have 3, 5 or more governments killing people.

    “How long shall they kill black people
    While we stand aside and look? Ooh
    Some say it’s just a part of it
    We’ve got to fulfill the Book…”
    –Bunny Wailer’s version of Redemption Song

  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Tina Bea‘s post.
    don’t accept their terms…don’t legitimize them by appearing before them…
  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Debra Perry‘s post.
    if you see the beauty, others see it. don’t mess it up with humanoid vocalizing…or … don’t mistake your finger or words for the beautiful.
  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Tina Bea‘s post.
    don’t have much concern for inter-class squabbles among the slave owners but love to see their confusion. don’t know who Ms Ford is but she seems to have learned from the history of the slave senate…don’t trust them. it’s amazing that they think she w’d feel safe at the same table as her assaulter…
  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Dennis Brasky‘s post.
    read article …ISR?… describing socialists hostile takeover of the demi-shit wing of the slave party in the 1930’s. the Farmer-Labor Democratic Party they ran candidates in the slave party primary but refused to endorse their class “enemies”. zounds like DSA wants a “friendly” takeover of a wing of the slave party.🚮

    Gilberto de Leon commented on Melody Roberts‘s post.
    read article on socialist hostile takeover of the demi-shit wing of the slave party in Minnesota …called the Farmer-Labor Democratic Party in the 1930’s. they participated in demi-shit primaries but refused to endorse their class enemies. soundz like DSA is more interested in a “friendly” takeover. 🚮
did she endorse Cuomo in November? there goes the hostile takeover of the demi-shit wing of the slave party.



interestingly, Allende promoted Pinochet to chief of staff…😡…that came back killingly…

i now* agree that blocing with the SP against the coup was the only option though clear that no force with similar weight as the Bolsheviks in Russia 1917 existed. they defended the Kerensky govt against the Kornilov putsch and set the stage for their eventual conquest of power in October 1917.

***i say now because i was a member of the SL at the time and we denounced Allende’s govt …not incorrect…but then didn’t give critical support. wasn’t til decades later.that i read Fidel and John Riddell on the issue and agreed.

w’d it have made a difference? NO. even the MIR was caught up in the Pinochet’s sweep and unable to mount an opposition.


outright chattel slavery existed in the uskkka til the mid 19th century…fuedal serfs were sold with the land…the distinctions are legalistic and self serving bs for the slave owning class.

we’ve had several socialist & communist internationals that claimed to be the int’l party of the working class. in both cases, the leading parties distorted their original mission to their own purposes. in the case of command party slave states after riding a revolutionary wave, they create a replacement slave owning class…based on necessity…of course.

“leadership from below” …isn’t that the original description of an egalitarian movement and society that the anarchist and early socialists advocated?

i’m not informed enough to choose among the various anarchist tendencies…like the command party advocates, they are legion…but after reading a bit on the origin of the neolithic slave states, i agree that the main nexus for slavery…chattel or wage… is the slave state based on large scale, now industrialized agriculture and it’s ambition to enslave all and dominate the planet.


“capitalism’ isn’t the first slave state society…those have existed for 6-10,000 years. the main function of early settlement states (neolithic) was to capture slaves to do the drudge work of large scale agriculture. up until recently, slave states didn’t dominate the entire earth…they did claim it…no longer true…there is no frontier/ no-state lands to which the slaves can go Maroon.

unfortunately, the command party states (doftheP, state capitalist whatever?) have shown us it won’t be the last slave state…the wealthy reproduce themselves very nicely at the expense of a new set of slaves. on and on it goes…

the slave owning class has always been philanthropic…🤗


  • thought the left i identified with could be described as the “anti imperialist left”… a problem… among many… with this left is its current ineffectiveness.

    other than FB posts and the occasional demo, I do not contribute much to the solution. right now it seems that the soft socialists and sheep dogs of the demi-shits have the field to themselves.

    thankfully, in this mix, the pro Assad, pro Putin sliver of the left isn’t very effective either.



counter intuitive for the slave state masters to tolerate, assist the slaves even the most irrelevant of say so in its affairs…
  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Debra Perry‘s post.

    recently watched one of his films, Life begins at Forty….two things struck me:.

    i’m 30 years past that marker. They’re kids at 40… though popular meme is to portray them as near senility.

    Other than Rogers who was part Cherokee Indian, no non whites in the cast.

    as a kid watching popular entertainment, i wondered how they disappeared whole groups of folks… even figures who were “progressive” weren’t allowed across the color line.

  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Roger Sheppard‘s post.
    and the AFL-CIO is leading an inspiring fight back general strike….NOT. duh?
  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Doug Nielson‘s post.
    misplaced nostalgia, mis-attributed “feminism”…
  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Debra Perry‘s post.
    Slave states thrive on domination…no more vulnerable population than refugees…the other is always shunned and persecuted.
  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Eric Draitser‘s photo.
    'It's settled.'
    as a “marxista” I was pledged to the class struggle. realized there was a prehistory to that model but it was near irrelevant and barely worth considering. Lately, i’ve realized that hunanoids have been around for hundreds of thousands years… the neolithic slave states co evolved with agriculture and are 6-10,000 years old… modern slave states are the continuation not the originators of depravation and oppression. Most of humanoid history is the struggle to escape slave states.


  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Doug Nielson‘s post.

    humanoids aren’t the only creatures that co evolved with neolithic slave agriculture…rodents, weeds, insects and microbial parasites came along… conditions were ideal…they were fruitful and multiplied. these 3…4 if you throw in potatoes are responsible for the many diseases that affect humanoids.

    don’t know what the solution may be… It’s a dilemma 6-10,000 years in the making and it has chained earthlings into an impasse.

    earth will abide. Humanoids?

  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Dennis Brasky‘s post.
    we, along with most folks, call it a war but it was a combination occupation, suppression of a long running liberation struggle, involvement in a civil war among the Vietnamese. had many elements. after 500 plus were killed in this one village, amerikkkanos went on to kill 10 million or more folks in Southeast Asia. the Vietnamese may forgive…i don’t.
August 2018
  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Dennis Brasky‘s post.
    took a peek…😂
  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Tina Bea‘s post.
    I know a few folks with various fed jobs… most don’t seem to understand the need for self organization and fight back… everything happens to them. i’m a long time believer that”unions don’t organize workers… workers organize unions”…OR NOT.
  • Gilberto de Leon commented on Eric Draitser‘s post.
    realize if i have to ask, i don’t get the joke.


    pathetic. sad. likely voted for one of the slave state parties. as Biko said “the most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”.
    • the Bolsheviks did not call themselves the “communist party” until after October 1917.

      the various socialist groups including the Bolsheviks were active in the Russian workers and soldiers movement and though not at the head of the provisional government, were active in the worker and city wide organizations and council’s (soviets).

      revolutions are those rare instances when ordinary folk push the formerly powerful out of the fucken way and begin to make decisions on their own.
      the tragedy of most uprisings of the chattel or wage slaves is that if not crushed militarily, they rarely… never so far… achieve the egalitarian, dignified vision that guided them in the beginning or in their ideology.

      though i’m no longer a command party activist, I don’t minimize the role of the command/communist party in creating mega industrialized, super repressive slave states…these mega slave states are market capitalist slave states’ wet dreams.

      many European and amerikkkan engineers, agricultural architects, planners worked with the Russian Soviet government on mega slave farm and factory projects.

      See James C Scott’s “Seeing like a State”.

      • Gilberto de Leon commented on Kim Dupere‘s post.
        it’s their slave state…
      • Gilberto de Leon commented on Doug Nielson‘s post.
        perhaps altar servers and seminarians should be given guns…
      • Peggy Hotes James C Scott “Against the Grain” & “Seeing like a State”. Richard Manning (also titled) “Against the Grain, how agriculture has hijacked civilization”… which i’m currently reading. have to admit i am drawn to this thesis by my misgivings on command party slave states.

        i now use that phraseology to describe a project i and many others hoped to create.

        my initial starting point was… probably…Martin Buber’s “Paths to Utopia”. at that point, i realized, that like many other traditions of thought, Marxism, Leninism, Trotskyism, Maoism, Fidelismo were narrowly self referential and self justifying.

        these authors are explicitly or implicitly anarchist.

        i am not familiar enough with the anarchist tendencies… as in the xian and communist traditions they are legion…to identify with a chosen one. i do identify with the “crude” post civil war anarchist workers movement that culminated with the Haymarket martyrs and IWW prior to WW1.

        a mind exercise? a dead end? Probably. Practical? if the only way out of slave state slavery is the collapse of the slave states…???

        the books I’ve been reading point out that for much of humanoid history… until recently & overlapping much of what’s identified as the neolithic… the majority of the humanoids lived beyond the authority of the slave states.

        very few people are now beyond the slave state’s domination.

        I apologise for the long…for Fb … response.

      AUGUST 29
      • Gilberto de Leon commented on Peggy Hotes‘s post.


        lately, i’ve been reading on the transition from Paleolithic lifestyle to settled agriculture and neolithic slave state slavery and realized that the socialist, communist left that i have identified with all my adult life narrows “relevant” humanoid history to the beginnings of industrialization and the bourgeois revolutions of the late 18th century. Some marxistas reach back to mercantile capitalism, city states of the 13th, 14th centuries in europe.

        the neolithic slave states of Asia, Africa, the amerikkkas and Europe are the origin and model for the now all encompassing, militarily overwhelming modern slave states.

        this is a 6-10,000 years perspective that posits that the primitive neolithic slave state’s mission of control and expropriate defines the modern slave state.

        Freedom? in the past, only the collapse of slave states set the captives free.

      • Gilberto de Leon commented on Peggy Hotes‘s post.

        don’t think this is a “union” campaign. one problem with appeals like this… not linked to actual fight back efforts of the wage slaves involved.

        Marxistas need to look much further back than the industrial revolution for the origin of the slave state and its false consciousness.

        Neolithic state slavery good. Non chattel existence bad. 4 legs good. 2 legs better.

      • Gilberto de Leon commented on Hunter Crow‘s post.
        there are term limits… vote the mutters out…if the left can’t win local representative office, what biz…???… does it have running for slave state executive office?
      AUGUST 28
      • Gilberto de Leon commented on Earl Silbar‘s post.

        Com’on, Earl…as a long time leftie, you know that wage slaves have always been under assault of the slave state masters…in amerikkka, imo, the workers movement led by anarchists, socialist and other left organizations dates to the end of the “civil war”…

        i think the first general pstrike, initiated by a railroad strike was in 1876. at that time, the slave masters w’d simply reduce the wages of their employees to make up for any loss in profits… they learned that this provoked even the most backward elements of our class to join the fight back. Much less expensive to have bargaining agreements and a corrupted, demi-shit loving labor bureaucracy.

      • Gilberto de Leon commented on Dennis Brasky‘s post.

        the SWP & YSA that i was aligned with kept their distance from these demos. Considered them back door support for McCarthy… though we were later very active in defense of Bobby Seale and the Conspiracy 7.

        despite the admonitions of veteran comrades, many of the younger YSA’ers went to Lincoln Park and the demos in Grant Park to get our fill of tear gas.

        some, like my brother, Tony went with Dick Gregory on his March to the Amphitheatre. He was a bit crazier than me…and a way better street fighter.

      • Gilberto de Leon commented on Eric Draitser‘s post.

        Started reading the first few paragraphs… I’ll pass on the rest.

        though i have a word of caution.. remember when a family that ran a children’s care center in California were accused of slaughtering giraffes to scare children into silence…put those folks in jail… until courts realized how group think can work “miracles”.

        i don’t want my hatred for the RC to slide over into that kind of hysteria.

      • aug 28, 2018

        Gilberto de Leon commented on Melody Roberts‘s post.

        the domestication of animals went hand in glove with the enslavement of labor for agriculture. the origin, DNA of the modern and future slave states is in that transition from hunter gatherers to neolithic slaves. no Paleolithic tribe ever gave up its nomad, barbarian lifestyle to slave for the new lords of agricultural accumulation.

        the command party advocates claim that their mega slave state will free the slaves… an insidious fantasy that the cause of the problem will be the solution. only the collapse of the slave states will set the captives free.


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Kwame Ture, African American revolutionary socialist…


Stokely and Bobby S


Kwame Ture (previously known as Stokely Carmichael) born June 29, 1941. Trinidad and Tobago. he and SNCC played major role in the Civil Rights movement of the early 1960’s and the Black Nationalist and Pan African movements that developed from that movement. he was one of the fiercest opponents of the US war on Vietnam and an ally of liberation and socialist movements. passed November 23, 1998.


in foto above, Stokely is with Bobby Seale, Chairman of the Black Panther Party during period of fusion with SNCC.

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A short account of the Deep History of State Evasion by James C. Scott & my comments


been reading James C. Scott’s books on the slave raiding, trading and coerced labor origins & character of the state… the rise of states is co-terminus with the rise of large scale agriculture & settlements in pockets of europe, the middle east, Asia, Africa & the amerikkkas prior to european colonization.  his retelling makes clear that the european slave trade w’d not have been possible without a long history of slave capturing & trading not just in Africa but throughout the world.  often non-state groups main form of inter action with the state was to exchange slaves for food or worked goods.

i began with Against the Grain…a deep history of the earliest states.  currently reading Seeing like a state…how certain schemes to improve the human condition have failed.

first an aside

a couple of years ago, i happened on a novel by Mario Vargas Llosa called el hablador.

“el hablador” translates into english as the talker but has the connotation of liar. the narrator recounts the story of a fellow anthropology student. a young man from a Jewish background who in the course of the story sheds his euro-centered identity and adopts the identity of the aboriginals he was studying.

the “hablador” among the aboriginals is a man who takes on the role of traveling from small group to small group…though of the tribe, these groups are isolated from each other…the major link between them is the “hablador” who listens to the latest news of each family group…gossip, hardships, deaths, marriages, births, movements, etc. he relates what he’s heard from other groups he’s visited and then moves on.  a major element of the story is that these groups’ isolated existence is motivated by their aversion to the euro-colonialist…their way of life, their labor demands, their greed for land & resources and especially their diseases. i had not read Scott’s work at that time but the story gives a narrative version of Scott’s thesis.


hopefully, readers of this blog share my interest in the origin and character of the state.

Scott begins his presentation with a quote:  “it is said that the history of people who have a history is the history of class struggle.  it might be said with at least as much truthfulness, that the history of peoples without history is the history of their struggle against the state.”  from having read Against the Grain, this struggle is mainly the struggle to avoid the grasp of states’ need for coerced labor, conscription, sexual slavery & contagious diseases.

he then gives the gist of the author of that quote, Pierre Clastres who suggested that “what anthropologists had thought of as stone age, primitive people were in fact, ex-sedentary cultivators who took up foraging and hunting in order to escape forced labor and the diseases associated with the Spanish (unintelligible) and that they devised a social structure & subsistence practice that kept them away from states and prevented states from arising among them.”  (note:  i haven’t read any material by Clastres.  will do so and if interesting blog about it.)

the information that Scott provides and his conclusions about the origins and nature of states calls into question the view of advocates of state socialism (mainly Marxist-Leninists) that in order to obtain our desired relationships among humans…equality, fraternity, liberty, from each according to their ability, to each according to their need that we would need to create a “worker’s state”, “dictatorship of the proletariat”, five-ten-20 year-never ending industrial development plans guided by “the” vanguard party.

from the framework provided by Scott, i can ask some seemingly awkward but actually sly questions.

if the slave raiding, capturing and holding nature of the state is its main characteristic, its DNA… Lenin referred to the state as an “armed body of men” whose purpose is to crush any opposition to the ruling class whose bidding it is doing…then why do we imagine that creating a more intensive, aggressive, intrusive, repressive state will carry us to liberty, equality, fraternity???

this assertion runs counter to the result seen in Russia, eastern Europe, China, North Korea, Cuba.

state building, creation, existence is the problem not the solution.  Engels, Lenin and the anarchists suggest that in a truly democratic and egalitarian society, there would need to be the administration of things but not a state, armed bodies of men that w’d exist apart from the governed.

Lenin was accused by other bolsheviks of having gone over to the anarchist view of the state when he stated everyone w’d participate in the governance of things in his most democratic minded formulations in the state and revolution.

when in power, the Bolsheviks and later communists, w’d govern on a militaristic, pyramid models of decision making in which centralized decision makers …their own membership and leadership bodies… made decisions and the toiling classes followed these directives.

no successful governing model, entity is a completely closed circle.  one could join the ruling party and work one’s way up the pyramid.  and some very skillful, charismatic folks did just that.  of course, these societies quickly became as stratified as the hierarchies they had displaced.

for the vast majority of the population, discipline or prison were the understood alternatives.  the new boss looked very much like the old boss.  perhaps in different uniforms, with different lingo.

what is to be done?

we cannot return to pre-neolithic times…for one thing as Scott points out states have metastasized and now occupy what was once “frontier” …most of earth’s space.  states have pushed ever deeper into the zones of escape.  areas once open to  the barbarians, nomads, escaped slaves, defeated peoples have been closed.  genocide.  disease.  displacement have taken their toll.

the never ending wars among these slave states have destroyed the infrastructure of the losers (& at times the winners) which is the story of the current middle east, Africa & the resulting massive displacement of peoples with no asylum.

is there a way that we can share in the advances of science, technology, infrastructure and realize our utopian dreams?

no one author, activist, blogger can offer a sure fire solution to this dilemma.

let’s take into account the obvious. if we allow a state apparatus to usurp decision making the result is the state will be our slave master.

Lenin & his progeny made a virtue of central planning & decision making at the expense of direct decision making by the toiling classes…in factories, industries, communities, local representative bodies.  the designated “higher” levels gained veto power over local decision making.  this is the history of the period following the 1917 Revolutions.  oppositions outside the Bolsheviks were suppressed a few months after October.  in 1921, the Bolsheviks banned factions within their own party while suppressing an Anarchist revolt in Kronstadt.  later anyone the slightest out of step with the inner circle was sidelined, jailed or slaughtered.

the entire repressive apparatus of the capitalist states the Bolsheviks claimed they had replaced were recreated and super-charged. Russia went from being the “prison house of nations” under the Tsar to being a massive prison house of its own citizens.  a modern nation slave state.

the solution to the slave-state intolerance of democracy , local decision making is (i thinks) obvious:

advocate for the fullest levels of direct, local decision making.  adopt the rule of the Paris Commune, immediate recall of any elected or appointed public official & extremely high standards & strict term limits for some duties…especially for police duties.  the administration of things not people.

a ridiculous objection

i’ve heard some ridiculous objections to this by otherwise very intelligent Marxists.  one was by David Harvey …and recently at the ISO’s Socialist Conference by Todd Chretien at a session where i questioned the forever character of the dofduP… they both asked by way of analogy, if we w’d get on a plane flown by committee instead of an experienced pilot?  that’s just plain bizzare.

if corporate for profit airlines can staff their flight crews with trained & reasonably experienced pilots, i don’t see where that w’d be a problem when the administration of things is the guiding principle.  policies w’d be set by the widest possible circle of folks involved in that enterprise while direct operation of machinery w’d be assigned to those with known skills and knowledge.  the necessity of expertise in many areas would still operate, be acknowledged as a practical need.

folks w’d not lose their capacity to reason simply because they are now making their own effective decisions.

this ridiculous objection translates into only slave state style directives can manage an airline or other complex operation.  i don’t think so.

often folks who are directly involved in production are key to advances in production.  that was certainly the case prior to state usurpation of the landscape and has continued to be the case for the last 10,000 years in which states have dominated.  in fact, this sense that working folks can determine their own conditions, make their own decisions is the driving element for the socialist, anarchist movements.

interestingly, Scott has a chapter on practical knowledge which he calls by it’s Greek name, Metis in Seeing like a State.

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